Mortal Kombat Deadly Alliance

So, I bought Mortal Kombat, Deadly Alliance for my PS2. I thought it would be a good replacement for Tekken 3. It’s a good game, with lots of special moves, and lots of blood and gore!

I’ve been trying to work out how to unlock the new characters, but I’m a little confused by the coins system. When you win a battle, you get coins (ruby, gold, jade etc).

I completed the Konquest game for 3 of the default characters, and amassed quite a few coins. I go to the Krypt to buy some new characters, and there are hundreds of “koffins”, each with a coin value on it.

My question is: how do you know which koffins have good stuff in them? Some of them are emtpy, and lots just seem to have things like pictures or artwork in them. I couldn’t find any with a new character.

Any help on the above would be appreciated… also what are your thoughts on the game in general, and do you have any other tips?

The one that are a lot of money are a good bet to have characters in them.

Also, if you go looking, there are a ton of sites out there with the lists of what is in each coffin.

Have fun. It’s a great game.

My Hsu > y0u!

Yeah. That game came out great. I wasn’t expecting much from it, but it is the best 3d fighter I have played in years.

Anyway, there is abolutely no way to know what is in the koffins before you open them. You can go to gamefaqs and I think they have a list, but that is cheating! The fun of it is being suprised when you get something cool. I got Baraka my first dayI had the game!

There is lots of shitty stuff in those koffins though. So watch out what you spend the cash on.

So the game is good then? I haven’t gotten a PS2 yet but this would be one of the reasons to get one. Have they still made the computer almost impossible to beat as they did from MK2 on? Geez it’s sad I remember when MK1 came out in the arcade.

Stinkpalm, what do you mean you got Baraka? I could’ve sworn he wasn’t in the game.

Either way, I hated MK:DA. More like Mortal Kombat: Typing Test. No free form gameplay at all. The last good MK was MKII.

Sorry, I meant Raiden. I always got the 2 names confused for some reason.

As a general rule of thumb, anything that costs more than 3000 typically has either a character or a new arena in it. Above 1000 and you’ll likely unlock alternative outfits for characters. There are some exceptions but that should help you on your way.

What? It was only ten years ago. I remember when Kung Fu Fighter (the one with two joysticks that you had to point in directions to do moves) came out in the arcade, but that was only twenty years ago…

I remember seeing Street Fighter (the first one) being test marketed in Israel- It didn’t have six buttons, it had two punch-pads. The harder you hit, the harder Ryu punched / kicked.

Korrection(:)), that was Karate Champ. You may be thinking of the name Yie Ar Kung Fu.

Ah yes, we had that in Nashville too. That sucker was huge! Of course it had to be in order to allow two people standing next to each other not to accidentally slug their opponent when trying to punch the buttons.

I always thought it was a gyp when I saw Street Fighter at the 7-11 and it had the 6 punch/kick buttons. Where was the fun in that? Of course my hand didn’t feel like it’d been trampled by an elephant after playing, but still.

Thanks for the tips guys. You’re right about the more expensive koffins having the good stuff in them. It’s mighty confusing first time you try it though, as there are over 600 of them! I kept opening them and getting crappy things… and it kept saving… grr!

I erased my profile and started again, and took your advice. I unlocked some guy called Jax? He’s a black dude with a red cap, and he carries a gun on his back. I’ve worked out the special move to make him fire his gun at the opponent - cool!

Yes, it’s much better than Tekken IMO. Each character has three distinct fighting styles, which you can switch in and out of in battle. Also, every character has some kind of weapon available, which you can stab or impale your opponent with.

I didn’t find it that hard to beat on arcade mode, except for this one guy - hes a big ogre with a huge ball and chain… he’s pretty tough.

I guess I should have said that I remember because I was working there at the time. Besides Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom MK1 and MK2 are the only games I’m any good at. When I get my stand-ups at my new place I should have a doper MK party.

Jax kicks ass. His old “ground pound” move was one of the cheapest in MK2. Does he still have his metal arms?

I haven’t played MK5 yet, but I’ve thouroughly worn out all the others. I owned the first 3.5 (remember MK3 “Ultimate Edition”) for SNES. MK4 was a little disappointing. Not a bad game at all, but since the roster was so bloated from MK3/3.5, they took out some of my favourite fighters. I was borderline obsessed with part 1 and, to a lesser extent, 2.

Yes, Jax is still a cyborg, and he’s still got the ground pound, although it is more easily countered… just jump and kick him, as the recoil time on that move is pretty long.

Kung Lau and Hsu How (sp?) are my primary guys. Total opposites, and fun as hell to play.

They’ve made an effort to make it a bit more “Realistic”, in that teleports and similar moves are gone… which is a bit sad, but all in all an excellent game.

I actually found a reason to do a review of this, which you can read on my GameFAQs contributor page -

IMHO, if “simplistic gameplay” and “boring characters” really were that big a problem, they should’ve just done an entirely new fighting game instead of overhauling MK. Sure, it’s technical, and deep, and advanced, and realistic, etc…but it’s not Mortal Kombat.

Furthermore, I always have a serious problem with games where you have to practice for hours just to do two moves, which, BTW, was exactly the same beef I had with Tekken. I never understood how the Tekken series could get endlessly praised to the moon when at least 80% of its players do nothing but button mashing and brainless patterns out of necessity. Take that and multiply it by three, and there’s Deadly Alliance.

Fighting gamers are a weird breed, and seeing how Midway’s handled one of their flagship series perfectly illustrates this.

Oh yeah, about the coffins (676 in all, BTW). You don’t really need to know what’s in each and every one beforehand, just the ones that have coins, unlockable characters, and alternate outfits. (Definitely complete the roster ASAP.) The rest is just artwork 'n stuff. Oh, and no, there isn’t any way to determine the type of coins you get, so be prepared to end up with a massive surplus of something you’ve already open all its coffins with, most likely jade and/or ruby.

Personally I loved MKDA’s new fighting engine and graphical style. I however have issues with the fatalities/specials. Here’s hoping MKDA 2 will have those problems worked out. It was disappointing having only 1 fatality (some of which outright sucked) and some pretty weak specials.