Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Sersiously...

I put this here instead of in the game forum because I figured non-gamers would be interested in seeing this too.

Holy crap. I don’t even know what to think about this. I’m still processing. The last few MK games have actually been pretty good fighters so it could be cool.

There is something viscerally satisfying about watching Batman and Sub-Zero beat the crap out of each other, isn’t there? I also like that they’re specifically addressing the issue with some of the DC characters (say, Superman) being so much more powerful than the others.

Here’s hoping they put Lobo in. You really can’t have a game like this without him.

This could be either a very cool thing or a very bad thing. Only time will tell.

What a bizarre idea.

First of all, it’s derivative. Marvel vs Capcom already did the comic/video game crossover fighter.

But mostly, it’s just a bad fit. Mortal Kombat is about cartoonish brutality, and DC will not let its characters engage in that. I mean, there’s Lobo, and Superman Prime, but how many other DC characters would really rip out an opponents spine? So, what, Mortal Kombat without fatalities? Seems like a waste.

That was my reaction. They should have used the Wildstorm universe, instead. Gen13, or the citizens of Tranquility would be a bad fit, but a lot of the rest of the WSU? The Authority, for instance. Apollo could make for some awesome Fatalities. And Middy’s done the spine-ripping gag at least once. Wetworks? Red’d have some fun, no doubt.

Damn, I wish they’d use Vertigo characters in this. Batman is good, but the rest of the classic DC standbys don’t really do much for me. (Okay, okay, so Morpheus isn’t exactly conducive to physical violence, but I’d love to play as him in a game, and he’s far cooler than Supes.)

Ed Boon has lost his mind. It’s the only explanation.

I remember first hearing these rumors about a year ago and I thought it was just some jackass playing off the Lego Star Wars fear (ie, everything would get mashed up, no matter how crazy). But here it is for real, and I don’t know what to think.

Oh, shameless plug time, I’ve put up a big update on this on my website (link’s in the signature). And there’s a trailer there too. Here’s the jist of it:

No Fatalities (according to Boon, they’re Finishing Moves now)

No Mature rating

No more multiple fighting styles

There will be blood

When falling between sections of a level, characters can fight

It uses the Unreal Engine 3

I’m a Mortal Kombat fanboy from way back, and I’ll reserve judgement until the game is released, but I’m worried.


This could be my particular cup of crazy, as long as it comes to Wii with the same snazzy motion controls as the last MK game.

Nope, it’s being made with the Unreal Engine 3, so it’s PS3 and Xbox 360 only. Probably forever.

This reminds me of something. It would be totally unfeasible and impossibly expensive because of licensing and all that shit, but how cool would it be if they just had the Mortal Kombat characters versus a bunch of random insane badasses from movies?

Daniel Plainview.
Anton Chigurh.
Alex from A Clockwork Orange.
Bubba Zanetti from Mad Max.
Bobby Peru from Wild at Heart.
The Scorpio Killer from Dirty Harry
and so on

I’ve never been much on fighting games, but this sounds intriguing. A lot of people said that the Disney characters and Final Fantasy characters were a poor mix, but Kingdom Hearts was monster.

yeah! very cool!
i suggest too badasses like Carrie White (Carrie), Indio (For a Few Dollars More), mr Blonde (Reservoir Dogs), Leland Palmer/BOB (Twin Peaks) and special guest Nina Willaims from Death by Degrees.

Would that be your anti-Zombie task force?

(Hint: Look at the date people before you posted.)

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