Mortal Kombat vs The DC Universe - Released 11/16/08

Well, it’s been out for 2 days - any dopers besides me willing to admit they’re playing it :slight_smile: ?
First off, it’s definitely a Mortal Kombat game - with all the pluses AND the minuses that entails, but I’m enjoying the single player and multiplayer local modes so far. I haven’t braved the online waters yet, and probably won’t for a while - mainly 'cause I have been and always will be a button-masher and feel more comfortable getting my ass handed to me by a friend than by some snot-nosed 12-year old whose momma hadn’t even dropped out of high school yet when the first MK was released.

Random Thoughts:

The Joker (of course) has the best line in the entire story mode (it comes right after he hears the Big Bad’s name for the first time) - it is absolutely hysterical, completely out of place and perfect for the character.

The Freefall Kombat is pretty cool

Green Lantern is a REALLY clunky, awkward-feeling character

If the woman Catwoman was mocapped from was really built like that, her dexterity is even all the more remarkable…

Timing combos suck

Flash’s All Around The World combo is way cool looking

I hope more characters will be downloadable…

I didn’t realize it was out!

I just got it from Gamefly yesterday and I am not ashamed to admit it. In fact, I was coming in to start a thread on it.

I’m liking it so far, but it is very obviously just a Mortal Kombat game in HD. The “3D movement button” feels a lot like Mortal Kombat 4, which is interesting since this game is basically an “Elseworlds” version of that game.

I also really like that the game is basically 2D. 3D fighters just aren’t as much fun to me. I’ve played through the MK story side and I’m going to tackle the DC one tonight. I haven’t moved on to one-on-one fighting or online yet.

Oh, and about Catwoman: :eek:

I can’t do it. Mortal Kombat, like Street Fighter, is meant to be played on an arcade machine. I hate using controllers for fighting games. I need a solid joystick. Unless this comes out in the arcades I’ll probably never play it.

How do they get around the fact that Superman should be able to destroy anyone else in the game with three limbs cut off?

Magic is the reason the MK realms and the DC universe are merging.

Supes in a cutscene: “Magic! One of my weaknesses!”

<comic book geek>
This is what I expected before they announced it. I suppose they could have concocted some red sun or some kryptonite isotope, but since magic is firmly imbued in the MK universe, it really was the only explanation</comic book geek>