Requesting opinions on new television

Hello here is my situation. I must buy a new television for Sunday. Am going to store tomorrow. The store will be Best Buy and I want a television that will cost me about 1500 or less. The Best Buy nearest to me has Samsung and Panasonic and LG. Am wondering if any of you have any opinions on brandes. Thank you very much.

What size do you want? That is the most important factor. Do you want a Smart TV that connects to the internet. Samsung is currently the most prestigious TV brand for overall quality although the other two are generally fine as well. You can get a great 46" LCD or LED TV for way less than $1500. You can get much bigger TV’s like 55" or even 60" for less than $1500 as well although they may not be the top of the line. It is about your priorities. You can hook a computer up to any of them to make it better than a Smart TV if you want to skip that part to save cost.

I generally think the top of the line TV’s aren’t worth the money especially these days. The technology is advancing so fast and the price is dropping so quickly that you should just get what looks good to you and replace it in a few years with the better ones then.

Should have been more precise earlier, sorry. I am thinking around 45 inches more bigger. There is a 60 inch sharp on the Best Buy website that is in the range I am thinking but I have had a problem with Sharp in the past so I am leery of it. When I looked this morning on the BB website I saw the three brandes I talked about in my first post as all being available to that is why I listed those three brandes.

Look into the Sony Bravias also. They have a very good picture. Samsungs have a very shiny screen, and the reflections can be distracting. If your room will be very dark, it’s not an issue. Otherwise, when you’re at Best Buy, pay attention to the reflections in the screen, and decide if that will bother you.

We bought a 55" Samsung LED - one of the ones with very thing edges - and we absolutely love it. Everyone who looks at it says it’s the best picture they ever saw.

Don’t think you can get it for under $1500, though. The 46" version might be that price.

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