requirements for adoption?

I am asking this question for a friend, because I know this is the best place for getting an answer.

She is wondering what the minimum stability requirements for adopting a child in this country are.

would they let an unmarried girl who lives with her parents and makes $10 an hour adopt a child?

or else, what would she have to change?

The requirements, I gather vary from state to state.

With that said, it is unlikely that a a “girl” living with her parents would be able to adopt when there are so many couples making $70,000+ a year can’t find a child to adopt and resort to over seas adoption that costs tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, even for those that take place here, the legal costs alone, I doubt she can carry.

My first question is, why would a girl or woman still living with her parents, who (I am only assuming) has no prospects for a husband want a child anyway? Heck it might not even be a husband if she were homosexual. Why would she want to adopt a child in the first place when she is still living at home?

Is she infertile? Is she incapable of finding her own home and her own life? Is she unable to provide for herself based on the fact she still lives at home? If that last question is a yes, I highly doubt any legit adoption could take place legally in any state.

The reason I ask these things is I believe any adoption agency will ask her that plus a million other things and turn her down.

If she is fertile and pretty young, tell her to back off the idea until she is settled, making more money and has the ability to have her own children.