Rescind this warning, please

I also agree that @Hari_Seldon’s warning was totally unwarranted… especially after 3 days and nearly 40 more posts on that thread, and after the poster had made three more fairly reasonable posts.

That said, he may be under investigation as a sock, but there should still be no appearance of biased modding.

I agree this wasn’t threadshitting and the warning should be rescinded.

I’m going to agree with everybody else. Not threadshitting.

Yep, I agree. It should be rescinded.

I also agree with the OP. This is a pretty rare effectively unanimous consensus.

I’ll just pile on, I can’t imagine why it was modded.


I’ll pile on also. Absolutely not a threadshit. I don’t even know what the reason could be for calling it such. Great way to reach out to new posters too. That’ll really draw them in.

I’ll also add that I wonder if Hari should even be a mod. And this isn’t just based on this one call. He mod noted me twice for the same post on two different days. And even after it was pointed out to him, he didn’t even say “oops, sorry 'bout that, I’ll remove one.” So I still hold that record. I don’t think it’s too much to ask that mods remember who they mod noted 24 hours ago. Since we were told there are only about 10 flags a day for all mods combined, that may well have been the only flags he had on those two days.

I’ll also say that he is the only mod that I remember seeing that got either a note or warning publicly from another mod. Mod slap downs usually occur behind the scenes but this one was right out in the open.

Edit: That’s it, just saying done? Why not tell us why you thought that deserved a warning in the first place? And maybe you can reach out to the new poster and apologize so they may stick around, if it isn’t too late.

It’s happened a few other times but it’s very rare, probably once every couple of years.

This is getting pretty close to pitting a mod, which we don’t allow. Don’t attack the staff.

Really? Everything I said was true. I didn’t make anything up to make him look bad, or call him names. This is the only place you can say anything about mods. Prevent posters from telling the truth about mod actions and you may as well just not allow threads about mods at all.

Any chance of a more substantive response than “done?” Maybe an explanation of why Hari thought the post was threadshitting? An apology and a promise not to do it again? I mean, maybe Hari was having a bad day. I’ve done shitty things when I’ve had a bad day, but if I’m called on it I’ll apologize.

I think the I’m sorry song would no be out of order.

Can probably add “bad decision making and endless circling the wagons” over to the “why the Dope is losing members” thread, for what it’s worth.

People have been bitching about that since the day I joined, many mumble years ago (fucking decades - how does that happen?). It can be both good and bad, but at the end of the day it is almost intrinsic to any management team. Or parenting team, if you prefer and you probably don’t :wink: .

What’s been “done”? The Warning is still there in the thread.

Really. The best procedure would have been for Hari to quote the warning and write a note saying something to the effect of, “on further examination I have determined that Pinecone’s comment was not threadshitting and I have reversed this warning. My apologies.”

To be fair, I see no wagon-circling here.

I don’t know nuthin’ bout the original thread, but this, right here, is fuckin’ FUNNY!

Do you want to explain this please? Any special reason you singled me out for saying what everyone else in this thread has said?

How is it done again? Thirteen hours later and the warning is still in the thread.