Research Question--Please Help!

I need some help - desperately
I am doing research for my grad school paper and I need information concerning court cases involving teachers strikes.
I have been on every search engine, looked through FindLaw, the Library of Congress and Lord knows just about every other law website out there–for most of the day–and NOTHING.
I need a site that allows me to type in the subject, i.e. “teachers strike” and can give me the details of a few cases that have dealt with this subject. Just a few cases, that’s all I need.
Any assistance on this matter will be greatly appreciated and in addition to my undying gratitude, I will also cite you in my bibliography which, who knows, could really come in handy some day.

not a lawyer or in law school; just brainstorming.

how about harvard, johns hopkins, UIC message boards(you have access to alt. newsgroups?) maybe someone can give you direction to a logfile online?

National Teachers Federation(or whatever their union goes by namewise?)
National Teachers Association?
(legal help?)

state/federal supreme court decisions?
try there(your state or us supreme court landmark cases)

how about labor unions in general?
good luck!

Does your school library have a subscription to LEXIS-NEXIS? From there it would be pretty easy to track down a handful of cases (all Federal courts) with a summary of the court decision.

Go over to the website and type in “teacher strikes”+“court” into the search window, 500+ links. Many links on the first page looked very promising.

A point to consider:

In some states-- like NY-- it is illegal for teachers to strike. Many states (and the federal government) limit the rights public employees have to strike, and punish renegade teachers unions with fines, suspensions, or termination.

Under the “Taylor Law” in New York State, teachers who engage in a strike are docked two days’ pay for every day they strike, and are at risk of being dismissed, tenured or not.

Not exactly responsive to your question, but a point to keep in mind…