Reselling Prescription Sunglasses

Would it be possible to sell my prescription sunglasses somewhere on the internet? I know it seems odd, but I really don’t like mine. If i provided the prescription information, wouldn’t someone out there have the same eye type as me? Or are prescriptions too difficult to match up?

Is there a Seinfeld episode about this?

Prescriptions are highly individualized. It’s more than just the ‘strength’ of the glasses that’s involved–there are details in your prescription about the distance between the pupils of your eyes and (if you’re at all astigmatic) of the axis of your maximum distortion. The odds of finding someone with exactly your prescription who is also looking for new glasses is miniscule. The odds of your finding such a person and of the two of you having the expertise to verify that you really do have an exact match is zero. (And I’m pretty sure that reselling prescription lenses is illegal in many jurisdictions for this reason.)

You can donate them charity, though - there’s a donation box in every Lenscrafters.

There are also donation boxes at most Wallyworlds, in front of their optical section. Though given how cheap glasses are if you buy them online (I’ve seen as low as $8 for basic glasses) I don’t get how it makes sense to gather them up, sort them by prescription, and then distribute them. Unless they have a lot more volunteer labor than they have cash.