Reservation Dogs

Has anyone seen this? Made by Sterlin Harjo (who I am not familiar with) and Taika Waititi (who I know from What We Do In the Shadows and Thor Ragnarok), it features the lives of some kids living on a reservation in Oklahoma. They’re basically good kids who just want to get out of their current lives and move to California, so they try stealing trucks to make money. Second ep changes it up a bit but still furthers their stories. Good stuff.

Watched the first episode last night. I had heard elsewhere it was funny.

I was intrigued enough that I will try a few more episodes. Didn’t seem like a comedy, but had a cool indie movie vibe.

I tuned out pretty quick in first episode. I wasn’t loving the protagonists.

If it gets enough good reviews I may give it another go.

100% at Rotten Tomatoes.

Episode 3 is out this week and I liked this one too. The kids go to Uncle Brownie’s to learn how to fight because he knocked out 10 guys in two minutes. He just wants to sell his old, terrible weed that nobody wants. There’s also a dead deer in the trunk because they want to take it home and make back straps (I had to look that up). The truck heist in the first episode was a bit of a swerve – these kids decided that they want to protect their community and be heroes, or at least until they leave, I presume.

I really dig this show. Things feel really lived-in here and real. It doesn’t feel like a three camera sitcom with sets and laugh tracks, and I appreciate that.

Saw episode 2. I liked where this is going.

“We’re selling meat pies.”

“So sell meat pies”.

gotta watch it to get the joke.

I love watching shows about other cultures & groups I am not familiar with. Especially comedies. And I’ll gladly watch anything Taika is involved in. So I think this show is great!

Season 2 is confirmed.

The season finale: I hadn’t honestly thought about which cast member I would want to see naked but that…uh…that was not the one.

Yes…it took a minute for that …um…area… to get faded out … a little too long. Great episode though… so many questions for Season 2.

Just finished it. My most memorable reaction was Wow–dangly bits! Wait, NOW they’re blurring it?

It’s a good show. A slow burn instead of a lot of action. I’ll definitely watch season 2.

I think the kids (on both sides) are all good kids, most of the adults, too (even salvage yard guy). My favorite character is Brownie. I liked Big, too, until he started the fake moon landing stuff, but I feel like he does that because he’s bored.

I had to look up some terms. Skoden turns out to be an ancient Native word dating back to the 1970s. Its literal meaning is hard to Anglicize, but it can be summed up as Let’s go, then!

There’s also “studis” and “kayden”.

This was an excellent show. They delved into reservation life, suicide and other serious topics. For an inexperienced bunch of kids, they did fine. Wes Studi was outstanding, as always, as was Zahn McClarnon (of Fargo) and Gary Farmer. Dallas Goldtooth (Spirit) was one of the funniest characters I’ve seen in awhile.

My daughter-in-law’s sister teaches at a mostly Native school in Wisconsin and said that her students were beyond ecstatic to see ‘themselves’ on TV. All props to Waititi for doing this and also for sticking with mostly Native American actors for his cast and crew.