Reset Internal Modem [?!&#!]

I am the proud owner of a clever new toy, one of those G3 PowerBooks (girlfriend has dubbed it my “Power Ranger” ;-). By far the fastest computer I’ve ever owned (heck, it emulates Windows faster than my old 7100 desktop runs native Mac!), ocean-sized hard drive, and my applications and files are wherever I am (no more "oh, that’s only on the OTHER computer!). As is usual when upgrading and moving all the old stuff over, I found a couple of things that didn’t work quite the same way, but quickly snagged the shareware or patches or whatever to optimize the new setup…except for resetting the modem. PowerBook comes with built-in 56K internal modem. Sometimes (especially if it ‘goes to sleep’ and then I wake it up later) the modem or the software that runs it forgets how to dial; Dialog box says “Connecting” but no dial tone, no dialing sounds, eventually error message pops up. All prior computers used external (serial port) modems, and if they acted up I’d switch them off then back on; and if it was the serial port thinking it was already in use, I have little freeware serial port resetters that force the port closed. But the internal modem is essentially its own private port (serial port resetter can’t see or close it) and the modem itself is, of course, where I can’t get to it to “off/on” it. I figure there must be an AppleScript that would reset the port (and maybe even the modem?), but I don’t know the command sequence that would do that. Anyone with Mac notebook savvy have a suggestion?

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I’m not sure about reseting the port, but as far as resetting the modem, killing power is still the way to do it. Unfortunately that means turning the computer off, with internal modems.