Resident Evil 4 for Wii puzzle help needed

My girlfriend and I bought Resident Evil 4 today for the Wii. Does anyone know the correct three symbols in the church puzzle? Nothing we’ve tried so far works.

You just need to lineup the three lights so they form the same shape as the one in the center. Focus on one color at a time, then rotate it until it matches up to what appears to be in the center light. Do this for the other two, then click “done” and there ya go!

If you’re on the “other” church puzzle, look in the graveyard at the “dual” headstones. The symbols carved in to their tops are the symbols you want.

The trick with entering the answer for the headstone puzzle is you have to turn one on, then go past it to turn it off again.

Thanks everyone. We figured it out, and are now stuck elsewhere. It’s a great game.

Sorry, you mistyped “best game evar!”