Resident Evil: Apcolypse, and a question(Spoilers)

My sister had her birthday party last night and she wanted to watch zombie movies, so that’s what we did.

Among those we watched was “Resident Evil: Apocolypse” and I can only say…The Sucking! The Sucking!

I had some hopes for that movied. I liked Resident Evil, but this movie just seemed a perfect example of too much money and too few brains invovled. I don’t know where to begin.

This movie was pretty stupid, even for a zombie horror film. Stunts that would have made sense int he matrix but not here, idiot guard syndrome(the guys guarding the chopper) who wear motorcycle helmets, the oh-so-subtle nazieque bad guy(who has a german accent to boot), motorcycles through windows, Scenic tour nuclear weapons, percision mini-guns, inability for people act intelligent and just SHOOT the infected(They’re screwed. Shoot them and moarn later), escape from new york contaiment proceedures, graveyard zombies, etc.

The big thing that annoyed me was the ending. Not so much the
“Alice gains mental powers” but rather the “Santizing of raccoon city”. Frankly, I appluad the fact that somebody is willing to nuke the city to keep the zombie plauge from spreading, but their cover story of blaming it on a nuclear plant meltdown makes no sense.

1.) Correct if I’m wrong, but I was under the impression that even really bad nuclear meltdowns don’t cause nuclear explosions. They cause a lot of radioactive cotamination but not Hiroshima. So wouldn’t it be patently obvious to anyone with some knowledge of nuclear science that Umbrella’s cover story is B*******?

  1. To make the cover story even remotely plausible, one has to assume that there was a nuclear plant in the city, and that said plant was in the center of the city. Wouldn’t it be incredibly easy to verify if either were false?

Yes, I know that the Umbrella corporation is big and powerful and all that, but they’re not the illuminatli, are they? Thet can’t just silence every nuclear physicist on earth.

However, I didn’t pay for the rental and It was rather fun watching it with a big group who was MSTing it, so not a total loss.

The first one was not much better.


But I already suspended my disbelief (somewhat) that the dead can get up and walk because of a virus, so “meh”.

I agree the movie sucked though, even for a zombie flick.

Before this, I used to say that it was impossible to make a bad zombie flick.

I’ve been proven wrong.

Okay, Reanimator 3 was pretty bad too, but i had managed to block that out of my mind.

“Resident Evil: Apocolypse” was the Citizen Kane of zombie flicks compared to “House Of The Dead”.

In HOTD, they showed bits from the HOTD video game during cuts between scenes. At first, I was thinking “that’s really stupid.” But after a while, I began to look forward to those video game cuts, because they were far and away BETTER than the rest of the film.

I went and saw this at the theatre because an old buddy of mine played Nemesis in the movie. He doesn’t know it, but he ows me big time…