Residents of Columbus, OH

At various times, I have been a Philadelphian, a Washingtonian, and a Daytonian. But when I lived in Columbus, Ohio, what would you have called me? Would I be a Columbian (risking trademark infringement suits from Bogota), a Columbusan, a Columbusite? I know the area uses the less specific Central Ohioan to refer to locals, but I would think the capital of the Buckeye State would have a little pride to have a word representing its residents only. I vote for Columbudlian.

The type of word you are looking for is called a demonym.

I lived in Ohio for about 10 years, and I have heard both Columbisites and Columbusans. The former seems to be more common.

Columbusite was the normal term when I lived there.

“You people are just plain weird,” was the phrase I used until my recent move.

As it is the capital of Ohio and because a lot of money changes hands in and around the Legislature (some of it even legally), “Capitalist” probably fits best.


My mother and her three sisters were all from Columbus originally, and, although none went to OSU, they all were “Buckeyes.” Two of Mom’s sisters, when I went to visit, made sure I had a buckeye in my pocket when I left.

Funny, I hear that all the time and I haven’t lived in Columbus in almost 20 years.

Most of my friend are of the college age so I refer to them as ‘Buckeyes’ too, even the ones that don’t attend OSU.

When I used to live there, the term in the Columbus Dispatch, “Ohio’s Greatest Home Newspaper” (a modest enough goal) was “Columbuson” (with an o) - perhaps a cuteism meaning “Son of Columbus”?

Can I just say, as a non-native Columbus-living person, who has lived in the capital of the Buckeye State for nearly 6 years, that I have no idea what the word is.

My suggestion:Columbine