Resolutions for the New Year

Do you make resolutions for the New Year and what is your reasoning for doing so or not? What (is/are) your resolution(s)?

I resolve to keep my car on the road and out of ditches. Why? Because it’s really sad to see a dented BMW covered in muck. I will have no repeats of this past weekend.

How ‘bout you, Nen?

New Years Resolution 2001:

Get rid of everything I had through all of 2000 but never bothered to do anything with…

Don’t date any of my former girlfriends again.

Don’t have sex with any of my former girlfriends again.

I resolve to:

Read one classic novel every week.
Learn Pascal, Javascript and C ++ if possible.
Learn Sign Language.
Learn Shorthand.
Do a parachute jump.

I seriously plan on keeping these resolutions for a change but, realistically I think that numbers 2 and 5 are the only ones I’ll stick with.

  1. Apply for a new job.
  2. Rewrite resume first.
  3. Line up references first.
  4. Line up job first, so my references won’t leak that I’m quitting this one.
  5. Apply for a new job.

I resolve to shed the 25 pounds I gained since going off to Tenn Tech by returning to my exercise routine. Seems doable at least :slight_smile:

I plan to have sex by the end of 2001.

Reasoning for this, its an odd year, and well lately I haven’t managed to have sex in even years.


  1. Finally lose this damn weight.
  2. Let my hair grow out, and dye it any damn color I want, without worrying about my mother’s opinion.
  3. Stand up to my mother for the first time in my life.

1 and 2 have good shots at happening. #3…who knows.

  1. To get everything moved to my new filing cabinet.
  2. To stop falling in love all the time. sigh
  3. To get all As on my report card at least once.

I do make resolutions for New Year’s, and sometimes even stick with them. For most of these resolutions, it’s not because it’s the start of a new calendar year but because it’s the start of a new semester. It’s a convenient marking point, and perhaps I’ll be more motivated to follow through.

Resolutions include:

  1. Concentrate more on my schoolwork.
  2. Devote less time to residence issues.*
  3. Go to the gym more often.
  4. Be more organized in daily life, and stopw asting so much time (which should help with #1).
  • I’m an R.A. At my end-of-term evaluation, my two supervisors told me that I was doing a wonderful job and they wished all the other R.A.s were just like me … but that I was putting too much effort into my events, and doing too many things. All in all, not bad criticism.:smiley: Just thought I’d share…
  1. To grow up.
  1. Get the money
  2. Get the power
  3. Get the women

I resolve not to make any resolutions this year. They all get broken a week from New Year’s Day anyway, so why not just skip them altogether?

  1. Get a job
  2. Move to LA
  3. Become a movie star
  4. Get Nen to come visit somewhere between 1 and 2
  5. Never ever get in a car with Tymp

This year I’m going to figure out when it is new Cecil columns are posted, and figure out how to work my calendar’s “link delivery” feature display them for me.

I tend to make resolutions when i realize its about time for a damn change otherwise i’m never going to be happy and never move forward in my life…i’ve already decided on one >thank you overly priced xmas gifts that my friends don’t really need, but what would xmas be without presents?<…but i’ll save it till new years.

  1. Stop wasting so much money on so many things i don’t need.

and for extra flavor

  1. Not put up with so much drama in my life
  2. Pierce my tongue >its been 3 years, i can do it, i’m not afraid, i won’t die from a bacterial disease, i won’t, i won’t, i won’t<
  3. I can drive three states away to escape #2. I have no one but me to make happy, dammit.

Thank you for reading :slight_smile: please continue on to the next post

My resolution is to take better care of me and make the time to do it.

I actually have had most of the same resolutions for a few years now:

  1. Stop drinking and driving;
  2. Start working out/lose a few pounds;
  3. Hi, Opal!
  4. Cut down on my cussing.

Before anyone gives me shit:

  1. I’ve started taking cabs and been the DD a few times.
  2. I started working out last Monday and am still at it, so…
  3. Hello again, Opal!
  4. Well, shit, you can’t have it all.

This year:

  1. Cut back on cussing;
  2. Keep working out/don’t eat after 8 pm/no more really big dinners;
  3. Hi, Rasa!
  4. Get my PADI Search and Rescue, then Divemaster certification.
  1. Stop whining.
  2. Stop bothering people who don’t like me.
  3. Stop insulting other people.
  4. Stop being bitchy to other people.
  5. Stop insulting myself.

Damn! $3,500.00 stolen by a ditch and I’m losin’ favor with all the fly honeys!
Just kill me now . . . please?