Responses To The The "Down In Front" People

I have to start out by saying that I am just asking for comments and opinions. So please answer before we take this to the pit (which is probably where it will end up in my experience). Plus, this is my first thread so be nice at first.

I was at a high school state basketball tournament yesterday. As the thread title explains we had to deal with the inevitable grandpa a few rows up chanting incessantly, “Down in Front.” (We couldn’t see either)

Eventually, some guy in his mid-thirties turned around and said very politely, “I’ll sit down when the people in front of me sit down.” Now if I were to do that at 17 years old, politely or not, I would have been labeled an inconsiderate little bastard but that is beside the point.

My thoughts:

1.) The games are put on for athletes, schools, and kids. Not the parents.
2.) Now I feel for a grandparent (or otherwise) that may have physical ailments and not be able to stand for extended periods of time but, IMO, if you don’t want to stand, just move to another section.
3.) I realize that it may be hard for you to stand but it is still easier than getting the 500 people in front of ME to sit.
4.) Your hurting my ears.

My questions:
1.) To what extent am I responsible to sacrifice my entertainment experience to further yours?
2.) What other comments would be acceptable in this situation? (That would be comments better than the, “F*** off old man!!!” one I heard from a 40 year old guy once.)

Or if you have other comments, please share.

If there are chairs for all of those standing in front of you, then the people should sit down. The ushers and management at the event should rigorously enforce their seating policy. Inconsiderate jagoffs that block everyone’s view should be pummeled into unconsciousness without delay. Expecting others to stand throughout an entire performance or game is rude, ill-mannered and unacceptable.

What you just described would not bother me so much; I actually feel sorry for elders who get stuck in situations like that. However, I become extremely irritated when a group of middle-aged men and women, who can stand on their own two feet for a while without any problems, complain about the “hoodlums” that are blocking their view. I’m sure it wouldn’t trouble them too much to get off their behinds and support their team.


It’s you**'re**.

But that wasn’t the problem. It was the last 3 minutes of the state championship basketball game.

They do have a policy that you cannot stand for “extended periods of time.” They mostly followed the rule, but then stood the last three minutes of the game. This was when it happened.

The obvious solution is to make a standing only section, but for some reason the tourney directors think standing for long periods of time will hurt you. Ignoring the fact that they stand the whole game during the regular season.

Why should the old people sacrifice their entertainment experience so that they won’t bother you or the people standing? They paid the same amount to go see that game that the people standing did and if they asked you to do something you shouldn’t get a shitty ass attitude towards them (not saying you did or anyone did for that matter).

I realize this wasn’t you in the situation and that this guy should have sat down. Ever here of a little saying that goes like “Respect your elders”? Like what was mentioned earlier if there are sits you just don’t look at them funny and stand by them you sit in the damn thing. Of all the basketball games I’ve attended I’ve never seen a problem with people standing they all sit and behave themeselves.

If it’s beside the point to you why mention that your 17 and what you would have been labeled? Is there any relevent information your going to throw in somewhere in the thread that needed this?

First off if the games aren’t put on for the parents why do they offer to seel them season tickets for the games? As far as I know they encourage peoples parents to come.

Second how do you know it’s easier for them to move to another section during a crowded game rather than have ~500 people sit down? Have you ever had the knee problems, join problems, heart disease that older people suffer? I doubt it buddy. Take it from me I’ve got two extremely bad knees (had one operated on and the other needs it soon) and it would be much easier for over 500 people to sit rather than me find my way into another section during the hardest part of the game to move.

Third refer to number two and read it again.

And lastly on your comments hurting your ears? Is it always about you? The old person shouting is louder than all the other people in the auditorium? I highly doubt it.

Well finally I’m gonna end this up by saying I would have sat down and kindly asked the person in front of me to sit for the same reason and see if they would ask the people in front of them and so on. A little kindness will go along way.

The only reason the man was standing up was because the people in front of him were.

My question was, do I have an obligation to sit down so I can’t see the game, in order for you to see it?

I never stand unless I have to. I just have no problem doing it. So do I have to make the effort to get the people in front of me to sit where I really don’t care either way.

I said that I need comments that I can use, without sounding inconsiterate. Being 17 makes that kind of hard.

It may be easier for them to sit, but getting them to sit is another matter.

Actually, my favorite response has always been “Up in back!!”

(Stupid and pointless, I know. And not really a response to the OP. But what the hey, I gotta have some fun.)

In that situation I would have done like I said. Kindly ask him to ask the people in front of him to sit and so forth. If everyone was considerate enough they would have realized there is an old guy who cannot tolerate standing and I should sit and watch the game. Which begs me to ask how much different does the game look when you are sitting rather than standing? Granted I realize there are times when you get up and cheer for you team (i.e. the winning basket in a game, good defensive play, or something along those lines) but just because it was the final 3 minutes of the game (championship or not) does not constitute a good enough reason to stand. Like you said yourself

IMHO if your standing say more than 30 seconds that is an extended period of time.

Ahhh I guess that is a good enough reason because the people in front of him were. So if the people in front of you were spewing out obscenities and such it’d be alright because they are in front of you? I’m not saying that you were wrong in what you did. I would have handled the situation differently.

If I were in your spot I would have gone to the announcers table and see if they could announce for people sit because not everyone can stand even short periods of time. Also had anyone gotten up and said to me “I’ll sit down when the people in front of me sit down” I would have figured them basically for an inconsiderate bastard no matter what the age 17 or mid 30’s or 40’s.

Straight up though I’m not attacking you for the way you reacted even though it may seem like it. People are different I know that. I was simply trying to give you away to think about acting next time say a similar incident liked this happened. Those old people would respect you alot more and you’d feel much better about yourself for helping.


How was Cyber supposed to do that? In my experience, the last three minutes of a championship game are fast, pretty loud, and heated. So Cyber is supposed to turn around, (as the clock is ticking away) and politely request that the shouting old man ask the people in front of him to sit, and so forth? I just seriously doubt that would accomplish anything. People stand at sporting events and cheer to show support, and asking them to sit seems like a losing battle to me.

Since people at high school games frequently stand (or jump up) at exciting moments, the older man should have requested a seat at floor level or on the first row of bleachers. When it’s only one row or a few people standing, yelling “down in front” may help, but not when there are several rows deep of standees. Cyber had to make a fast decision- stand up so he can see the game, or sit down and listen to the older guy. I do feel bad for the older guy, but expecting your seating area to stay seated for an entire event (much less a championship game) seems unreasonable to me.

Cyber, there was nothing you could say. You could, however, bring the incident up to whoever is in charge of your school athletics. They may make it clear that there is an “unobstructed view” area available for those who can’t stand and don’t want to miss any of the game.


I really do think they need a standing section, but they refuse to do it for “saftey reasons.” Kind of ironic when you consider they stand for the ENTIRE game usually.

I think it is apparent what side of the fence I’m on. I have made a promise to myself to at least once in my life get to a Duke game just to see the Cameron Crazies in action. I just think some people take the game a lot more seriously than others. That’s where the trouble begins

No, but you know what I would have done . . . moved. And I have before for this exact reason.

Good idea about the standing section although I think it’d be a bit difficult to implement. I got to think about why this problem never seemed to have happened at my high school and then I remembered. We had a student section, parent section, then we had the same sections for the visiting teams. Never had any old people sitting near me whenever there was a game a goin’ on. But yeah like you said the best idea would be for them to create a purely standing section.

A few years back I bought 6 tickets to the first round of the NCAA basketball tournament for myself, my kids, my nephew, and my sister. These games were being held at the Pyramid in Memphis, Tn. I had ordered early and had been lucky enough to get seats in the 5th and 6th rows on the aisle, just behind the backboard on one end of the court. Sure, there are better seats, but in years of going to these events, these seats were the best I had gotten so far…

I rented a van and we drove several hours to Memphis, then I shelled out for hotel rooms.

During the second game of 4 that day, some students from one of the schools that was playing seized the opportunity to park themselves in the front row seats a few rows ahead of us. They hadn’t paid for those seats, they were just taking the opportunity to upgrade themselves…no problem here…

…until…they started standing up.

When they stood, we could see nothing except for the backs of them. The entire view of the court was blocked.

…so after yelling “down in front” a few times and being ignored, I went down there and politely explained the problem to a couple of them and kindly asked them to sit down.

Well…they had been drinking pretty heavily and were pretty belligerant and responded with something like “**** you!”

Ok. I had heard enough. I found the nearest usher and insisted that these guys be removed from those seats…and they were removed.

Dammed if I was going to shell out upwards of $1,000 and get screwed out of enjoying it by a bunch of drunken frat boys with tickets in the nose-bleed section.

Chalk one up for us “down in front” geezers!

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LOL you people never cease to amaze me and as a side note why in the hell do you wanna see my posts :wink:

Yeah, I hear ya! Old people suck. I wish they’d stay the hell home. This world is for the young and able, not those with one foot in the grave.

Alright Cyberhwk, here’s my sports fan’s point of view. And I promise I’ll try real hard not to get too excited about this one.

To begin with, let’s remember that for all major sporting events in the country, handicapped seating must be made available. There is typically only a short railing between those in the handicapped section and the action. The section overlooks the game and the views are always unobstructed, regardless of standing or sitting fans. (And these are usually some of the best seats in the building as far as total view is concerned).

Now, if you’re a healthy fan, here’s the situation:

I’m a Milwaukee Bucks season ticket holder. I LOVE THE BUCKS!!! I have paid big money for these tickets out of my own pocket. Why? Because I want to be at the game and close to the action so that I am able to root for my team - to cheer them on to victory. So if Big Dog buries a 16 footer with a defender’s hand in his face, I’m gonna jump out of my seat and tell Dog that he’s the man. And if Ray Allen steals the ball from Jerry Stackhouse and drives the length of the court capping the play with a monster dunk, I’ll be out of my seat from the minute he first gets a finger on the ball.

What? You’re sitting behind me and you can’t see? Well, then stand your lazy butt up! This is an athletic competition, not theater. Cheer for your team! Oh, I’m sorry, you just want to be able to watch the game without having to stand up. Then plunk your tired self down in front of the TV. But don’t complain to me (or my team via the ushers).

Remember that athletes respond to the crowd. Noise can inspire a home team or crush the morale of the visitors. We’ve all no doubt heard phrase “The crowd was the sixth man.” The purpose behind being at the game is to EXPERIENCE it. If you’re not into cheering for the team, then use the boob-tube.

All of that being said, I am in no way endorsing boorish, rude, obscene, drunken, or obnoxious behavior. That should also be kept at home.

In regards to high school athletic events, at which grandparents and parents are often in attendance, I would suggest that you talk to the athletic director of your school about establishing students-only seating for games. This worked perfectly well at my old high school.

Now Cyberhwk, about that Duke game… What do you think about heading down to Durham next season? I’ve got my horizontal blue- and white-stiped shirt packed.

Arrgggghhhhh!!! Striped!!!

(I previewed. Really, I did.)

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