Restaurant food fads that should be retired

Apparently, there is nothing that isn’t better with chipotle. Unless it is Tuscan style.

At least “blackened” everything seems to have gone away.

I’m one of those people who loves chipotle anything, and I was really happy when it started getting trendy and popular a couple years ago. But I do understand that places are overdoing it. Typically, if a food item is barbecue, chipotle, otherwise-smoked, balsamic, avocado/guacamole, or pineapple flavored, those are must-try foods for me.

Except what’s better with cilantro. Which tastes like soap.

Only to you mutants. :stuck_out_tongue:

Square plates. Shit, even Corelle makes square plates. Over.

“Chipotle” is just another way of saying smoked chile. I think chipotle hasn’t beeen taken far enough… why stop at red Jalapeno’s when there are multitudinous varieties of chiles to be smoked and ground or adoboded in various states of ripeness (or greeness).

… New flavors to be discovered, my dear boy!

Ugh, seconded. How about some nice basil instead of all that cilantro? It makes my nose itch!

My nominee? Truffles, truffle oil - enough, already! The first eleventy times I had it soaking some restaurant entree it was interesting enough. Now it just makes me gag. They put it on EVERYTHING. I suppose that’s one way to charge nine bucks for a plate of fries. :rolleyes:

Oh, one more: flavored iced tea. Get your peach/mango/chutney/chai/passionfruit pseudo-tea beverages away from me, bleah! Also, restaurants? Have at least one PLAIN BLACK TEABAG (English Breakfast is nice if you want to be upscale) in the house for those of us who don’t want to dunk a bag of lawn clippings in hot water and drink it.

No, chipotle is specifically a smoked jalapeño, usually canned in adobo sauce. Other smoked chiles have there own name. Smoked pablanos are anchos, for example.

But I lervs me some chipotle, so bring it on, I say.

Frozen butter squares. :frowning:

Olive oil instead of butter. :rolleyes:

(Can’t I get a decent spread?) :mad:

And I am with jellyblue on odd flavored ice tea being the only choice. Eech. (here is where we need that “eech” emoticon)

The lame height principle. Bad food piled atop other bad food tastes no better than bad food beside other bad food.

Stupid “Xtreme” names for dishes.

At Chili’s, they call the spinach and artichoke dip “SpinDip.” Laaaaaame.

I clicked on this thread just because I wanted to scream “CHIPOTLE!!”

Turns out the OP and I are twins.

First it was one or two restaurants, then it was the chains, and now even Jack in the Box has Chipotle Something. I don’t have a problem with “chipotle mayo” or anything else about chipotle, other than the fact that it’s more omnipresent than Britney Spears. Play a new record, please?


I do, however, like cilantro. Friends of mine whine about it, and I feel their pain because they feel about cilantro like I feel about olives–black OR green. Like, “WHY ARE THEY EVERYWHERE? WHY CAN’T I ESCAPE THEM? WHY DID NO ONE WARN ME?” Some places feel like olives are in the same food group as lettuce…they’ll just throw 'em on there because they assume everybody loves them, or at least consider them innocuous.

Olives are NOT innocuous. I hate them. I burp them for hours, like cucumber.


Preach it, brother!

You can get rid of chipotle-everything, just don’t get rid of Chipotle, 'cos I just discovered them and damn, they are some kinda good! Think I might pick some up for supper tonight…

The problem with Chipotle (not the restaurant) is that my taste buds have long associated that flavor with BBQ potato chips. I don’t want BBQ potato chip flavored anything except BBQ potato chips, and I am kind of meh about those.

Adding avacado to normal foods, just to seem edgy.
Adding anything “essence”. I have no idea if “essences” taste good, as I refuse to try them. “Essence”. It even sounds snooty.

Sun-dried tomatoes. Way to ruin a delicious fruit/vegetable.

I forgot another over used ingredient: asiago cheese. Where did it come from? Why is it better than a hundred of other exotic cheeses? Why won’t it just go away?

I came in here to complain about towers of food. If you spend that much time on presentation, artfully shaping my mashed potatoes into a spire, I’m guessing that’s time you’re not spending on actually cooking food well.

Also, stop putting wasabi in things that don’t need it! Sweet potatoes are delicious. Wasabi is delicious. Wasabi sweet potatoes are *not *delicious.