Restaurant recommendations in Manhattan

We are going to NYC over Thanksgiving weekend and have only one night for dinner at a nice restaurant. We’re staying in Midtown - Lexington and E. 50th - but could go anywhere. Any restaurant suggestions? Thanks.

Is Manhattan really known for fine dining? Do they even have restaurants there?

QtM, you do an admirable deadpan.

In seriousness, check out You can use the search function if you have a specific cuisine in mind, or just browse around the Manhattan message board. Hasn’t let me down yet.

I’ve always wanted to go to Delmonico’s. It’s got a really interesting history and I’ve heard it’s really good, but for some reason, I never see it in New York City guide books. A lot of really famous dishes were created there, although none come to mind right now (I want to say Oysters Rockefeller and Shrimp Cocktail, but I can’t remember for sure).

Because it’s been closed for about a million years. And Oysters Rockefeller was invented at Antoine’s, in New Orleans.

To be more exact, Delmonico’s (opened in 1827) closed its doors on May 21, 1923.

I here the burgers are pretty good.

Sally’s*, on or near Mulberry st. Fettuccini wit’ clams. Pizza made from sauce, tomato, basil, and cheese on a thin crust. Mmmm. Don’t even ask for the table with the chairs leaning against it. Do ask what’s good today. Do have the antipasti. (sp?)
But last time I ate there was in '66. So it may be gone. :wink:
*The owners name is/was Salvatore. Sally.
mangeorge. (Actively salivating)

What the hell was that?

Give Aquavit a shot. The Minneapolis version is outstanding; I would assume the NY version is equally good. A local is going to have to tell you if it’s convenient to your hotel, though.

Is there a doorman at your hotel? Ask him. Or the concierge. But better the doorman, in my opinion. He’ll even grab you a cab.
I assume you understand the value of tipping? :slight_smile:

And to think that you saw it on… :smiley:

::: D & R :::

Maybe he meant the Burgomeisters are pretty good.

Man, I gotta get more sleep. I don’t get this, and I don’t get Tapioca’s “burger” post.

I love:

The Second Avenue Deli (Even the waiters are delicious.)


The Four Seasons (We had a company party there. It was fabulous!)

Ok, Polycarp, I’ve had a good night’s sleep, a passable breakfast, and several excellent coffees. Please explain.
Realize that I’m almost sixty, nearly a hermit, and rarely watch any tv except PBS and news programs. I don’t even have cable.
I’m truly “out of it”. :wink:

Balthazar is pretty good. So is Pastis. I haven’t been to Aquavit but I know people who love it.

Actually, Balthazar and Pastis aren’t really any better than any other place, but they’re good enough and they are “in” places and well known and are fun places to say you went to. If you’re into celebrity-watching, you’ll probably see a few at either one. However, I don’t think either place takes reservations for smaller parties, or at all, so you might be in for a wait. The policies could have changed since the last time I went.

Johns Pizzeria in times square is really good pizza but Johns of Bleeker Street is supposed to the best. Personally I think Lombardis in Soho is the best but it’s usually a wait.

There are a bunch of places around Union Square mostly owned by the same people - Blue Water Grill, Sushi Samba, City Crab, Angelo & Maxis (steak), Patria’s (latin fusion), Union Square Cafe. Personally I like Atlantic Grill around 3rd and 76th. It’s the same food and owners as Blue Water Grill but not all touristy since it wasn’t in an episode of Sex in the City.

The Second Avenue Deli is great if you want a $14 turkey sandwich. The only waiters I’ve seen are a bunch of old Jewish dudes.

For burgers, I highly recommend the Corner Bistro in the West Village.

The Coffee Shop is also a nice place to check out hot waitresses. A lot of aspiring models and actresses work there.

And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street

Sorry, the link didn’t quite work, did it? If you feel hungy, just grab a burger from DB Bistro Moderne on W44[sup]th[/sup]. BTW, having $50 (plus tax, plus tip) on you will help. And I don’t think they even do fries.