Restoring public faith in the U.S. mainstream media again

I think we have found the root of the problem. It’s belief in nonsense such as the existence of “Zionists”. They’re right up there with Thetans in my book.

No, no. Zionists went extinct. Their fossils have been reconstructed.

I think that’s also part of the problem, beyond the blatantly partisan media (Fox News, etc). If you watch a lot of these political roundtables or panels, they exist to show conflict. I don’t really get into the Sunday morning shows or CNN anymore for the same reasons that Jon Stewart pointed out in his epic takedown of Tucker Carlson years ago: the media are basically a spin alley.

There’s also too much discussion on the machinations and strategies of politics and not nearly enough analysis on problems and possible policy solutions. This is one reason why I read a lot less of Politico now, not because they’re biased or unethical, but I’ve just grown weary over the discussion about speculation over the motives behind votes, the campaign strategies, and everything else. It just feeds cynicism. The

Can you show us on this doll where you were touched by the Zionist cabal?

It’s not a cabal or some theory nonsense. For example a congresswomen who you know mentioned AIPAC controls the Republican Party. She immediately got in trouble by both sides including colleagues. It is by a secret that AIPAC is the most powerful lobby in America. It is the first place all presidential, congressional contenders go when running for office to profess how much they support Israel than their opponent regardless of the cost to our own country. It’s obvious the media will not touch the subject either and anyone who does is fired or discredited. On the other hand people like bill maher can have shows about how all religions are stupid and Muslims are evil and we all should support Israel at any cost and remained on television season after season. These are just examples but the overwhelming power is ridiculous for a foreign country or a less than 1% minority yet we cannot ask questions for fear of losing careers or credibility. This doesn’t happen on any subject and Zionism has nothing to do with American interests as we have seen over the course of history. It has costed millions of lives and trillions of dollars at the expense of countless countries mainly America. If we had a rational view of Zionism we would support the right for Jews to have a nation as well as Palestinians and not let it control our policies to that extent. Sorry no aliens, secret groups, or mind control just stuff you can see in plain sight.

Here is a list of the most powerful lobby groups in America:

AIPAC is not on the list.

I did find AIPAC and it spends just short of $4M on lobbying at its highest, which puts it quite far down the list with respect to the ones above.

Now I realize that interest influence does not come at a fixed per $ price, but I think there isn’t much to be concerned about with respect to Zionism controlling the strings of power with so little spent by AIPAC on lobby efforts.

There is certainly a long history of America-Israel vs. America-Arab relations. Not all of it good from the Arab/Palestinian perspective, I’m sure. But it isn’t as simple as laying blame on OMG! Zionists!

If you have the desire to have a nuanced and informed conversation about that history and how it impacts the present and future of Palestinians, then I think you’ve come to the right place. If you simply want to vent about the Zionist threat on the world, then you’re going to be readily dismissed and ridiculed. The choice is yours.

I knew the problem was the Jews… I mean the Zionists!

I thought the current terminology is the Globalists.

Yes, but someone is an older school antisemite.

Your zionists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

This is a topic as big as all outdoors but this thread is probably not the place for it.

So what is your suggested solution to this?

I certainly don’t know what his solution is, but I bet 500 quatloos on this newcomer that it includes the word “final” somewhere.

I’ve heard that Jews are using blacks as muscle against us.

Seems we’ve failed to offer our new friend sufficient fertile ground for his anti-Zionist campaign. We might finally have found a “solution”.

Much as I dislike defending Bill Maher, I think you omitted a nuance or two.

“On the [Israeli–Palestinian conflict], Maher says he is “more on the side of the Israelis” and doesn’t consider both sides equally guilty. He acknowledges that “Palestinians do have gripes”, and he has been critical of U.S. financial aid to Israel, saying “they don’t need our money, they can handle it themselves.” Maher also notes that most Israelis would prefer a [two-state solution and oppose the hard-line stance of their Israeli government, which he describes as having been taken over by their version of the Tea Party.”

The Zionist cabal cannot be happy with that take.

One other point about this period of Murrow & Chronkite is that there were NO COMMERCIALS on their news programs. They as professional journalists reported the stories they thought the public to OUGHT to know about, not the stories the public WANTED to know about. As soon as the separate news divisions at the 3 networks were folded into the entertainment divisions is when commercials appeared on the news programs with their demand for a larger audience and hence more revenue. With the rise of cable news this process has been carried to an extreme as we can all see.

Where the loss of the Fairness Doctrine was really damaging was AM talk radio. Rush and his imitators were almost as destructive to the country as Fox News. I’d like to see it back.

I think I’m going to need a cite for that. CBS News was always a commercial operation, part of the CBS commercial network. It might have been a loss leader for CBS, for the prestige of it, but I was around and watched CBS since the days of 15-minute national news with Douglas Edwards (the guy before Cronkite), and I’m pretty sure there were always commercials, not just before and after, but at least one break in the middle of the 30-minute news.

Yeah, I’m old enough to remember this period in time, and I sure remember commercials.