Restoring public faith in the U.S. mainstream media again

Towards the last decade of Walter’s career, at least two.

Will say, crap like this doesn’t help:

In short: during the Colin Kaepernick controversy, in an interview Katie conducted with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, RGB came out on the side of the anti-kneelers, against Kaepernick. Couric… an admitted RGB fan… edited out those remarks, telling herself (Couric) that RGB didn’t really understand the question.

This is bullshit. I know that selective editing happens, but this was a purposeful lie of omission and commission on Couric’s part, and she shouldn’t be given a job on a national broadcast or top-tier cable network again. She can do the news roundup on the CW, or F/X. Maybe the 9-11am slot in Shreveport, LA on the CBS affiliate. Surely they have a mom’s and grandma’s morning show.

Regardless, Couric’s excuse is bullshit:

  1. If RGB is confused about questions, she is a Supreme Court justice and this confusion is news.

  2. If RGB holds a surprising view on a topic, she is a Supreme Court justice and this view is news.

I would point out that Couric was following the requests of the supreme court public affairs office (not clear from the article whether they were according to RGB’s instruction). So given that is was mostly a softball friendly interview it might make sense to accede to the request of the interviewee to revise her answers, particularly if you want to get more interviews.

Revealing it now as a bit of juicy gossip when there is no danger of cutting access, seems a bit self serving to me.