restructuring - AGAIN

Just got out of a department meeting. The company’s in the midst of the second restructuring in two years, and things are finally looking better. Well, we can see that things are about to begin to look better. OK, we can see that after we turn this corner things will start to begin to slow the downward spiral.

I work in technology for a transportation company, barging. This business is very cyclical. It works this way: business is good, build lots of barges, make lots of money. The large supply of barges eventually catches up, we have some bad weather (ice, floods, etc), business gets bad, we have too many barges, prices go down. We are now down for the second full year since the first attempt at restructuring.

Business is so bad, we have hired the best communication consultants to help us out of it. WE WHAT? Yes, spin doctors will help us improve the bottom line. Call me cynical, but that’s just stupid. “The best that money can buy.”

Another in a long line of ridiculous moves. I think I need a new job.

We need someone to put 50,000 + micropipette tips in autoclavable racks and then the racks into packs. Nobody here particularly wants to do it. Since each rack of the pack hold 98 tips and it’s a pain in the ass to stack the racks on top of each other.

And we’re goign through about 2-4,000 tips a week. So there are long term expitations of employment.

Thanks for the offer. I’ve cooled off a bit, maybe I’m being I was being too quick… :smiley:

So the pay is minimum wage plus tips???