Resume help, please

What’s the appropriate way to list more than one (significantly different) position you’ve held within the same company? Sites say to list them separately, but I’m not sure about the headings. Unfortunately I can’t find an example of a resume like this, and I understand best with something to mimic.

I have a lot of this going on with 2 employers. So my resume has employer headings at the far left and position headings within each one of those.

I would suggest:


Most recent position 6/2005-present
List duties and accomplishments here

Second most recent position 3/2003-6/2005
List duties and possibly reason for changing (i.e., promoted to management position)

Now to see how this formats when I hit submit…

OK, well, I had the dates set off to the right, but basically that’s what I was going for…

Thanks for the advice :slight_smile: I just applied for a job at my place of employment that I won’t get (because it’s two higher in the food chain than my current one) and don’t particularly want. However, I would like to be considered for the position just below it if the position I applied for is filled by someone currently in the position I’d prefer. If that makes any sense… we were advised to apply this way, really.

If I’m called in for an interview for the job I actually applied for, I’ll have a heart attack.

I do similarly:

More recent job title: description goblygook…[Date - Date]

Less recent job title: description goblygook…[Date - Date]
or if it’s a clear promotion where the older duties could be assumed:


Billing Coordinator: description goblygook…[Date - Date] Promoted from Billing Assistant [Date - Date]