Resuming playback with Windows Media Center

I’m setting up a WMC HTPC in the living room. I used to have DishNetwork w/ DVR. With Dish, I could start a show in one room, and resume watching that show in another, provided that the 2 TVs were connected to the one and only STB I had.

For the moment, I’m just looking to recreate the user experience. I want my wife to be able to watch a show on the “main” TV and then continue watching it on the TV that’s in the basement. I’m under the impression that the Media Center Extenders handle this nicely.


I’m also under the impression that since my HTPC connects to my network wirelessly, and my Extender will also be wireless, I’m pretty much screwed. I’ve read (here, actually) that the experience is completely unusable.


Is there some other way to pull this off? I’m open to having another PC or two in this tangled web. Specifically, I’m thinking about Windows Home Server (v2 is possible… I’ve got the license if needed) and another HTPC.