Resurrection - on ABC did they explain the full story before cancellation?

I watched most of the first season of Resurrection in 2014. The story got weird and had too many dead people returned. I Lost interest and didn’t watch season 2.

I’m curious did they explain why the dead people were returning? What happened in the last episode? Did they all die again?

Wikipedia doesn’t say very much.

It was a great premise. The little boy that returned was interesting. But then every week more people came back. It got a bit too much.

They didn’t all die again like they did in the French movie it and The Returned both seem based on (Les Revenants). As far as I recall the series ends with Rachel having her baby and hints that it’s evil…I really don’t recall if they ever explained why they came back. The show is on Hulu still if you want to catch up.

Thank you.

That’s another mystery I don’t have to worry about. :wink: