Return of the broken pipe..

Definitely not the same bat time or same bat channel.

I just got home at the wonderful early hour of 3:30am from a fairly good concert. After parking on the street I walk to my apartment, which is the bottom back basement unit of a 3 story building. Its very private, stayed cool in the summer.

As I am walking I notice a funny lump of something sitting on the grass, then I see holes cut into the outer walls of my apartment. First thing that pops to mind is FIRE!!!

I hustle up to my door and there is a maintenance note hanging on the knob, I grab it and unlock my door to the sound of a blower going. I look around in disbelief as all of my stuff is shoved as far from the door as possible, with the blower jammed under the carpet. I read the note; please leave fan running until sunday morning.

Ok I can do that, but, my stuff, my hobby desk, all my delicate things, all of it stuffed to the side, I cant even get to my kitchen or my bathroom and bedroom. I still cant believe what I’m seeing, so much craziness. I mean my place wasn’t spotless, but I like my stuff, and it had a reason to be where it was, it makes me sick to think it got moved around and not by me.

The pipe could have waited two weeks, that would have been perfect, I’d have felt bad, but it wouldn’t have mattered. I am moving out at the end of the month! and I cant move before the 29th. So now I have to live in chaos for a few days, then put some stuff back so I can keep living, then pack it out to my new place.

I moved and re-stacked a few things so I could climb over and get to my bedroom.
The really shitty thing is a pipe bursting ruined me and my gf’s x-mas plans last year. Except last year it was her place that had the issue, but she had the luxury of having a crawlspace that could fill with a foot of water, which meant that we couldn’t leave for our trip as planned, as we had to wait till the equipment did its job and dried out the crawlspace.

Anyway, I think I am off to bed now, hopefully I will have running water when I wake up and can take a shower and not think about my stuff that is all thrown about where it doesn’t belong. Did I mention that they didn’t even call me to let me know? I had to call the emergency number to find out it burst at 10:30pm and that I don’t have to find a hotel.

I thought this thread was going to be about something else, and I was inclined to be sympathetic.

At least it was a water pipe and not a sewer line. That would have been crappy. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, I’m sorry about your place. I used to have a condo on the ground level, and every time the sewer backed up, I was the first to know. I had to spend 3 months in a hotel one year. I feel your pain.

I just spent five minutes rearranging their lone fan that is struggling to dry my carpet. It was only lifting up and drying half of it. So I shoved a table under the dry part and uncovered the intake of the fan (yes they had let the carpet cover it partway up, making it only half as effective). Unfortunately I just had a lesson on carpet nails when I kneeled down and managed to pop a finger on one. Now its working much better.

I talked to the maintenance guy ( who actually used to reside in this apartment) and he mentioned the water pipe that burst was a PVC. I looked in the hole in the wall and noticed there is only insulation next to the door, but the rest is empty, nothing protecting the pipe. They replaced it with copper.