Return of the Jedi Q&A

Mrs. Plant is watching it.

I can’t help but think of chimps watching the Ewoks beating human beings to death with rocks. Do they peel the battle armor off and eat them like lobsters with garlic butter?

How many times does this darn movie end?

Why is it that when you die and go to Jedi Heaven, some come back the age they died and some come back looking twenty years younger?

Because Georgie boy wasn’t done playing with his new CGI toy.

Well, this one kind of makes sense, if you figure they had some control over their appearance. Luke and Ben came back in forms that would look familiar to Luke. Annie chose the healthy, attractive body over scarred triple amputee because it would be more comforting for his son to see (assuming Jedi ghosts don’t act out of vanity).

You don’t, until the DVD’s came out. Originally, Darth Vader came back as a ghost and was old, but not disabled or inside a suit.

The real question is why Darth Vader gets to be “ghostly” when he was evil for 80% of his life or so and only turned good for the last 20 minutes of his life.

I’m guessing because truly Anakin “died” when he was young. Yes, he was able to return to himself after he killed the Emperor, but that Anakin was basically just a ghost of his former self, in a way.

Especially since in his lifetime, he didn’t know about the “surviving death” stuff. When he decapitated Obi-Wan in Star Wars, he’s completely baffled by the old man’s disappearing act. Given the additional info of the prequels, one can sorta-maybe fanwank an explanation that Palpatine knew the trick and told Vader sometime after episode IV, but then we’d have to assume the Palpatine was ghostly, too. Do any of the novels address this in describing post-VI Palpatine appearances?

Yeah, I remember. I still think it should have been David Prowse.

How come there is a Jedi Heaven, but no Jedi Purgatory or Jedi Bad Place?

I believe this is the conceit that Lucas decided on.

I suppose that works…from a certain point of view.

But I still have the vids, so no Anikin ghost for me.

Don’t see why not. After all, they were shown to have a taste for Manflesh and ritual murder.

Saruman: “You will taste Man-flesh!!”

< horde of Ewok-hai squeals >

I’d assumed it was because he was strong in the force, like Obi-wan and Yoda, not out of any sort of “goodness”. Of course the force is nothing more than microbial parasites, and if so then the whole “ghosts” thing is bullshit and Luke is just hallucinating. Or any of the above explanations, take your pick. I doubt Georgie-boy would care.