Returning stuff left behind, a query.

^ What’s that, Lisa?

Phew, I thought it was me going quietly insane.

How bizarre.

I had a bunch of stuff left at my wedding. I sent out an email with a list of items and pictures of them to everyone who attended (that I had an email address for).

If they didn’t ask for it back, it’s not coming back; I don’t know what belongs to who, so until I do know, it’s mine.

That crap’s all wedding gifts–the official assumption. Box it up and send it to your sister. if someone pipes up about wanting it back, just say it was presumed to be a gift to the happy couple, how embarrassing.

Yes. While we usually just delete socks without comment, in this case to avoid confusion I’ll make an exception since he was quoted too many times to edit them out without disrupting the thread.

My feet are cold!