"Rev" Jesse Lee Peterson needs pittin'. See why.

Well, he certainly gets my vote for misogynistic, medieval, bullshit-spewing, piece of crap assbucket of the decade.

I agree wholeheartedly. What a fucking dickbag.

I can’t vote for the guy until I know where he stands on the topic of strapping dogs to the roof of cars. And legalized pot. Those are my two issues, and I will not budge.

By the way, I’m against and for.


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While I agree with your sentiment, I am a cynic in some ways, and feel compelled to point out that it is still early in the decade.

He’s a natural fit for Fox News.

While I agree women can’t vote without getting all emotional and leading us to the pathway of destruction, I kind of like the pathway of destruction. Especially the harlots. Man do I dig me some harlots.

This guy is definitely a major dickwad, but I’m sort of pleased that he’s so intimidated by us ladies. Yeah, path of evil and destruction! \m/

You all are just afraid of the truth. Women are evil. Do you really need reminding of the mathematical proof of this again?


May not bode well for his viability on Fox News. Women do watch Fox, after all, when required to by their husbands. While churning butter.

What the fuck do you have against butter?

I don’t know. I’ll give the guy credit for being willing to take a stand that’s not going to win general approval from his audience. Most conservatives are only willing to go after minorities that are currently unpopular like Muslims or Mexicans or gays.

[shru] So he’s a RW Sharpton, big deal.

Oh, this guy covers those bases too. From the OP’s link:

I would just like to point out in this diatribe the unusual misuse of “reins” (meaning an item of equestrian equipment or a metaphor referencing such equipment, such as “to rein in” for “to slow down by figuratively pulling on the reins”) for “reigns” (meaning “rules” or “dominates”).

Usually the mixup occurs the other way around, e.g., writing “to reign in” for “to rein in”.

Lazy piece of shit also posts links on message boards without even a threadbare summary of what’s there.

It’s just never been the same since I saw Last Tango in Paris.

Hrmm, after gay marriage is a non-issue, who’ll they go after next? They’ve already lost on those with the Mark of Cain and drunkards. Unmarried bishops?

What can I say? I’m pure evil, so I can’t help it.