Rev. Lou Sheldon, at it again

This is from a NGLTF press release I recieved in email:

Words fail me.

Silly Arden. Everyone knows that when gays and lesbians lose their partners, they’re not really bereaved. They’re so used to each other dropping like flies from AIDS. That’s why we don’t let them into the hospitals or let them claim survivors’ benefits.

long, heavy sigh

A link to the Washington Post article.

I can forward the press release to anyone that wants it. There’s more to it than just what I posted. That was just the part that left me speechless.

joining matt_mcl in a heavy sigh

Looks like I was wrong. I thought nothing could have been worse than what Falwell and Robertson said.

:rolleyes:[sup]6.02 x 10[sup]23[/sup][/sup]

I find it hard to get angry at these pathetic excuses for people anymore. It seems like there are so many of them and so few of us. Falwell, Sheldon, Roberstson, Phelps, I wonder how many people who don’t get quoted feel like them? How much of the American population still feels that gays and lesbians are subhuman? How long before I can hold my husbands hand in public without worrying about some asshole deciding he needs to teach those queers a lesson?

A Mole of rolleyes. Who’d have thought they’d take up so little space?

Where did they clone these guys from?

I hope they find him dead, with a horn from the ram he tried to sacrifice because he took they Old Testament too damn literally shoved up his ass.

And then I hope that the people who sold him the ram refuse to help pay for his funeral.

Angel of the Lord:

How about if we just hope he learns better, and becomes softhearted and loving?

I think the horn thing will happen before what you suggest, Fiver

But should it be what we hope for?

I mean, if we want to claim we’re people of good will, where he isn’t…

:::Pats Fiver on the head:::

Fiver, sometimes it really is okay to give up hope on some people. There are others who will benefit from your hope.

But not this guy. He’s a fucked-up loser, and your hope will be totally wasted on him.

Aw, he’s probably had Phelps’s horn up his ass, from the sound of it.

What a dick. He sounds like the perfect match for Ann Coulter.

So, Persephone, if I understand you and Angel of the Lord correctly, what you’re saying is:

“We’re not like that guy who wishes harm to people who aren’t like him, so it’s okay to wish him harm.”

Is that about right?

Lou Sheldon bears ill will towards other people for no other reason than that they are different from him. The way in which they are different from him does neither him nor anyone else any harm.

The posters on this thread bear ill will towards Lou Sheldon because of his expressed bigotry against people, bigotry which he nurtures on account of a difference between himself and the victims of his hatred which is none of his business and which does him no injury.

Fiver, you said this:

No, that isn’t right. Not for me, anyway.

Nowhere in my post did I say I wish him harm. I said it was okay to give up hope because he’s a fucked-up loser.

Some people are hopeless. The crap this guy spewed is disgusting. Why should I waste my time hoping that he’ll change?

If you want to hope he’ll change, feel free. But if he ever does, I’ll smother a pair of my dirty underwear in sausage gravy and eat them for breakfast, and send you a videotape of me happily munching away.

And you can hope for that all you like. :smiley:

What kind of sausage?

Well, Persephone, they may be beyond human hope…


kaylasdad: Pork, I think. :smiley:

Polycarp: Sigh. You’re right, of course. You’re always right. [sub]grumblegrumble always gotta have a voice of reason in a perfectly good Flame This Loser thread grumblegrumble:::[/sub]

“It’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it…” :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: