FUCK the Traditional Values Coalition (California)

Reading this article first thing in the morning really fucked up my day. To read these words

made me ashamed to reside in the same state as these asshats.

I was an avid supporter and campaigner of AB 205. I was in the arms of friends who rejoiced upon its passing that they could soon visit their loved ones in the hospital, or make funeral arrangements if they had to. And now these fucking assholes are trying to take even that away.

Fuck. This makes me too sad to even come up with some good flames. How depressed do you have to be to not be able to come up with a good synonym for “goat-felching”?

At least it’s the opinion of the lawmakers that this will never pass. Unfortunately, there’s also little hope of Leno’s pro gay marriage amendment passing any time soon. Fuck. :frowning:

“Body parts don’t fit”? I can assure the Reverend Mr. Sheldon that the body parts do fit, mort rapturously so. More to the point, the hearts fits, and the pathetic attempt of these self-righteous jackasses to legislate who may love whom is constantly annoying.

You want to save marriage. Go after the heteros, they’re the ones who’re fucking it up.

I hate fundies.

I’ve heard of some kinky shit, but that sounds downright dangerous.

Yet another collection of vocal religious wingnuts who think they have the moral authority to persecute others for righteousness’ sake. It’s sad how routine this is becoming.

Hey, I’m glad that you and Mort have a great relationship happening! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just like the racists did before them, they couch their goals in “acceptable” language, but it’s not hard to see the cesspool of bigotry and hatred beneath it.

What floored me is the huge success of the anti-gay marriage amendments in the last election. WTF is up with that?

I need to copy edit my posts more often.

The amendments weren’t sold as anti-gay as much as “pro-marriage,” despite having the effect of being anti-marriage. It’s all in the salesmanship of the bill’s advocates combined with the credulity of an unsophisticated and gullible voting public.

I thought California was a blue state.

Well, yes, the Blue/Red thing is a construct of an avaricious media for a lazy public. But of course you and I know that Cali is a purple state, like all of 'em.

Kudos to Mr. Leno for attacking the problem the right way.

I hope his efforts bear fruit.

  • Rick
    (Er… no pun intended.)

Even their name gives me the fits.

“Traditional Values”? What, like separate drinking fountains for whites and colored people? Or denying women the right to vote? Or sticking flaming crosses on lawns to drive out undesirable neighbors?

Fuck traditional values. This is the 21st century – it’s time for Modern Values.

This, from the believers in the guy who snuggled up with another man at the Last Supper? (John 13:23; John 21:20-25)

Just another example of someone who’s so busy whoppin’ his Bible he can’t get the cover open to read it…


Are you trying to make one of your incomprehensible points? What is it? Did I miss the post in which someone cursed California’s conservativeness? Because we’re all aware that these jerks are everywhere. So if that was your point, we’re good, thanks.

Yes, he’s doing it the right way. But I’ll be very, very surprised if he’s successful. Even if he gets a bill passed (highly unlikely), it’ll have to survive a veto by Arnold. More likely it will prompt a movemenet to get state constitutional amendment passed.

…and there are still plenty of lazy Dopers among us who still use this terminology to make crappy partisan assumptions. This is ignorance incarnate.

Didn’t Arnold say he would accept such a law if it was passed by the legislature?

According to the article I cited in the OP, Arnold said he would go with whatever the voting public decided on the matter.

So anotherwords, :rolleyes:

I have hope that should the public vote otherwise in the future, he will not attempt to block the passage of the bill into law. We have the fucking Traditional Values Coalition to influence the public on that matter already, TYVM.

Has any legislator in the U.S ever introduced a pro-gay marriage bill prior to this? This sort of thing is definitely a sign of progress.

You want to save marriage. Go after the heteros, they’re the ones who’re fucking it up.


We just been “protectin’ ya from it”! You’ll see!

Criswell Predicts: One day after you get the right to marry, you’ll be wishin’ for the right to divorce. :wink:

Now, now. As we’ve been reminded many times, it’s still a free country and everyone is welcome to his opinion. No need to join the Ominous Gay Agenda and attack heterosexual marriages; I’m certain that the Reverend Mr. Sheldon is perfectly happy with his vagina. I mean, wife.

They’re defending marriage, you see? Because clearly, marriage isn’t about love or devotion or honor or commitment or being with someone you care a lot about. It’s all about making sure the cock slides through the meat curtains and nowhere else. Marriage and relationships have nothing to do with love; it’s all about fucking, just as nature intended. And that’s what needs to be defended.

If we let them homosexuals have their way, then we’ll lose sight of what marriage is all about. It’ll just end up being about perversion, deviant sexual practices, and shallow relationships not based on love.