Revenge of the Nerds. Most pointless movie to TV translation?

They are showing RotN on CC right now and boy is it dissappointing. This movie was a coming of age movie, along with meatballs, for 10-13 year old boys in my youth. I KNOW 90% of the male dopers my age watched that movei repeatedly on HBO and video only for the pnaty raid scene and the infamous Betty naked in the bathroom and stretching on her bed in the morning. And now that I am old enough to understand what happened in Poin Dexters pants during the bush scene its a hoot.

So what is the point of even showing this boring movie without “bush”? That was the only thing about this movie that made it worth watching. Watching Ogre beat up on nerds for the whole movie isn’t entertaining. And its no fun watching the nerds get ridiculed by the jocks for the first 80% of the flick.

Some movies just should never be censored for TV and this is one of them.

Watching it now Ogre just doesn’t look big enough to be more than a place kicker for a football team. Why was he played like he was huge?

“pan down, pan down…WE’VE GOT BUSH!! REPEAT, WE’VE GOT BUSH!!!”

“oooh…ooohh…hair PIE!!”

Stop taking these tis and ass/bush movies and cutting everything that makes them american just to fill some time on teh boob tube!!

That would have to be close, but a while back, I saw (some of) the TV version of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Talk about pointless! A movie about teenage sex and drug use, with all the sex and drug references removed. Fun.

“All I need is some tasty waves…and I’m fine.”

LOL, that was my favorite movie when I was a kid. I probably watched it at least twice a day. I liked it so much, I bought the DVD!
It’s not as funnyas I remembered…

One vote for Caddyshack here.

Chevy Chase: So, Kevin, do you take drugs?
Kevin [bad voiceover]: No!
Chevy Chase: Good.

For heaven’s sake. If you’re going to take out the whole point of the joke, take out the whole joke.

In the original, the Kevin (or whatever his name is) says “Yes!”

I’m afraid the clear winner of the “movies butchered by TV” category has to go to Casino on USA. It has to be seen to be believed.

“FREAK YOU, YOU FREAKIN MOTHERFREAKER!!!” Cracks me up every time.


It’s Danny, and he says “Everyday!” There’s another bad one where Rodney Dangerfield says “Hey everybody!! We’re all gonna get laid!!” and on TV they change it to “Hey everybody! We’re all gonna take a shower!”


It just doesn’t matter.

It just doesn’t matter.

In Die Hard II - Die Harder (I think that was the one), when it was shown on regular TV, the Bruce Willis line, "Yippee Kai Yay, Motherfucker, " was replaced by, “Yippee Kai Yay, [nasal voiceover] Mister Falcon [/nasal voiceover]” WTF?

Yes! Revenge of the Nerds is one of my favorite movies. What the fuck is a frush? We got bush! That’s my pie! I love the “We are the Champions” song at the end. I don’t mind too much the TV version but I of course would rather see the unedited version.

My favorite bad dubs to clean up amovie have to be the substituition of “Mellon-baller” for “motherfucker,” or the blanket use fo the word “viking” for all instances of the word “fucking.”

I am always amused when they attempt to show (Pacino’s) Scarface on TV, e.g. “(edit) Casper Gomez, and (edit) the (edit) Diaz brothers, (edit) them all, I bury those (edit) cock-a-roaches!”

Do The Right Thing… you “mickey-fickey cock-a-roach”

Al Pacino, in Heat:

“Bon voyage, mastermind.”

Uh, not quite.

Robocop’s Clarence Bodicker:

“Your company built the [sub]freaky[/sub] thing, now I gotta deal with it? I don’t need this [sub]baloney![/sub]”

Yeah I watched it today too. The editing was indeed horrible and horribly pointless (there’s so much worse that gets by on TV now, why not just show the completely uneditted version, and then maybe manually edit a particularly blatent moment or 2?). But in response to your OP, I watched it for the nostalgia. All of us from the ROTN generation know all the original jokes and scenes, and they’re certainly not expecting much in the way of new fans. I watched it to mindlessly pass some time by visiting an old familar place.

I’d say Moe’s on the right track here, as there just isn’t any other justifiable reason for some movies to be shown on network/basic cable TV.

I once caught one or another Cheech & Chong movie being run on the late show. It felt like about 60 minutes of movie with 60 minutes of commercials, to pad out the entire scenes that had been removed.

Why bother?

As I think of it, didn’t TNT or TBS used to run The Breakfast Club all the time, with all of the pot references removed?

They show Clerks on some cable network occasionally. I’ve never caught it, but for a film that almost got a NC-17 for just dialogue, I can’t imagine it translates well. Especially considering the butchering that was done to the much tamer Mallrats.

Enough talk about butchering of other movies, back to ROTN!

“Her name’s Judy”
“Judy’s a nice name”
“Well, she’s a nice girl”
“Big deal, did you get in her pants?”
“She’s not that kind of a girl, Booger”
“Why, does she have a penis?”

“Would you rather live in the ascendancy of a civilization, or during its decline?”

“When your father looked down at you in your crib, he had but one hope. ‘Someday, my son will grow to be a man.’ Well, just look at you now. You guys just got your asses WHIPPED by a bunch of goddamn nerds”

“I’ll kill their ancestors! I’ll eat their parents!”

“I’ve, uh, got the old cruise control set at 35”

“Give me head 'til I’m dead”

And the funniest line from the movie:
“…and now aerodynamics is just a hobby” (grins at camera)

So many memories…

Oh, and the lost 3rd verse of the theme song goes as follows:

While the jocks work out with the football team
We’re trying to score with the girl of our dreams
You know we ain’t good looking, but here’s a surprise
Nerds are great lovers in disguise.
(By the way, in addition to all the other actors from ROTN who’ve gone on to other things, Anthony Edwards, John Goodman, Ted McGinley, James Cromwell, etc., I just started watching The West Wing on which Timothy “Pointdexter” Busfield has a recurring role. Truly, that was an amazing collection of talent.)

Hey, RotN is on again this morning(sat.) at 11:00 est on CC… Missed it yesterday. Since the temp in Boston today is only supposed to be 18 F. I think I’ll stay in, order some lunch and watch it.

Some other great lines:

“I can’t find a date, and I’ve been combing the high schools all day!”

“We’ve got the same prescription!” (Nerds in love)

“Our house, our house, our house is burning down”

“I’m in love with a nerd!”

By the way, the sequel subtly failed to capture the mystery and wonderous joyful spirit of exploration of the original.