Revenge of the Sith & vocalizing

First let me say I am deaf (lost my hearing when I was 23).
I was watching Revenge of the Sith tonight and I noticed in the later half during the dramatic moments the closed captions would say (vocalizing) which seems like an odd way to say singing. I kept thinking of someone sitting in the lotus position and saying :o OHMMMMMMMMM. So my question is what kind of chanting humming or singing did they use? Thanks in advance for all answers.

There was a choir singing OOOHHHHHs and AAAHHHHHs, with no words. Very dramatic.

Probably the dramatic, epic, opera-like musical score playing.

Is that in the scene where Palpatine and Anakin are sitting watching floaty swimmers in big bubbles? That was meant to be an Opera performance.

I thought this thread was gonna be about


My guess is it’s the singing during that battle song they always play in the prequels - like the one here at ~the 25 second mark.

Yeah, that’s my guess too, but do they usually caption incidental music? Did they tell you there was an orchestra playing as they fought, too?

And that scene Dooku linked to what I hated most about Phantom Menace, even more than Jar Jar Binks. The fighting. What was with all the unnecessary spinning around? Why on earth would you want to turn your back on an opponent, even if you have psychic powers? It makes absolutely no sense! The fights in the prequels (but especially TPM) looked more choreographed than a ballet. It reminded of professional wrestling.