Reverse phone lookup that's not a scam?

I’m trying to help a friend track down someone who is leaving threatening messages on her phone. I already paid for one practically useless report that gave me only a name and, I’m pretty sure, signed me up for an identity protection service from which I will never be able to unsubscribe. Can anyone point me in the direction of a legitimate reverse phone lookup service, preferably one that includes cell phone numbers?

Cell phone numbers aren’t listed in directories by default. So the only way it would be available in a reverse look up situation is if the user made it available to the public either by paying to have it listed or by using it somewhere that some company can data mine it.

You can usually call your directory assistance and have them do a reverse number look up. You will be charged whatever (if any) the DA fee is in your area. Even if the number doesn’t show as listed, the area code and prefix may be able to tell you what city/state the number is from.

If the messages are threatening, have your friend call customer service for the phone company for the phone the calls come in on.

There is a code the phone company can tell you to enter after you get one of these calls that lets the phone company know to check it but I think that you have to talk to the police first so the phone company knows you have a legit problem and aren’t just trying to find out who owns an unlisted number.

Just dropping the phone number into Google will often provide information. If the number has been used in various scams, it is liable to be reported on different web sites. If it has been placed on various “facebook” type web sites, it may show up with some information attached.

The site will identify the geographic location of an area code and prefix, although cell phones are liable to be more free-floating. (My daughter’s cell’s area code and prefix are linked to a township, (not even a village), 20 miles away and mine link to an entirely different area code in the next county.)

For just general look up that isn’t for cell numbers… I’ve noticed reverse phone lookup sites track you through a few steps then ask a credit card for a couple dollar fee. I know it hasn’t always been. And any free ones can’t even find my parent’s number (been at the same address in the phone book since '84 or so)

Are there any that are free and semi-reliable?