Best free reverse phone lookup?

I’d like to look up a number (cell I believe) that’s been sending texts to me and my girlfriend but don’t want to pay. Any opinions? Thanks

Just do a Google search on the number.

That no longer works. The Google answer is a list of sites that will offer information, for a fee.

Whitepages . com works about half the time. If it’s spam/junk, try 800notes . com

Basically landlines were traditionally in directories while cell phones were not–so I would expect much better coverage of the former than the latter.

Can’t you block the number some way?

Real spam would just use various fake or deceptive numbers, but if for some reason they keep using the same number, all Android, iOS, etc. phones can block individual numbers.

I’ll check the 2 listed sites. Yes we can block them but curious what it comes up as. Burner or subscriber. That’s why we don’t want to pay.