Review time strageties?

Hey All,

It’s performance review and salary review time here at work, again. In preparing my paperwork, I, as an employee, was wondering about the view from the other side.

Let’s say you have a worker for some number of years who you think will not look for another job if you give him/her a low raise. Is there an industry term for that kind of employee?

And, obviously, what if you are that employee. What are other people’s experiences with ‘appearing to look for other work to increase your raise’ from both sides, employees and employers?


“Loyal”? “Secure”? “Chump”?

It all depends.
How good are you at what you do? Would your employer know wether or not you’re bluffing?

It’s the time of year for me too. Blah.

Hey Nametag,

Thanks for the response. I agree that what I perviously percieved as Loyal may be percieved by others as me being a …Chump.

Any ideas on how not to be a Chump?

Hey Axe Man,

I’m pretty good at what I do, however I have no idea how marketable these skills are outside the company.

Any ideas on how I can find out? I’ve searched ‘Monster’ and all the other jobs doing what I do seem to be far away, like I’d have to move. And I don’t want to move.

Hey MissDisaster,

Do you have to write your own review as well? Not for the manager, but just so you can have something to compare to the manager’s wholly independently written review due at a later date than the review you write? <—doubts that the manager is going to ‘write’ up an entire reveiw.