Rewatching Mad Men

I love this show! Great characters, great actors, great immersion in the period.

I’m watching the first episode again and everyone seems so… nice, so… new.

Just kinda weird getting to know the characters over the two seasons, then to rewatch and see them almost as infants gaining their legs.

Man Men? Is that on Logo?

I’m pretty sure the OP’s talking about Mad Men. :wink: You can’t search on the title as both words are two short, but for the last thread of season 2 I used a hyphen in the title, Mad-Men. The search function will let you search for it. For older threads try searching for “Peggy Olsen”.


Yes Mad Men, a great, great show. I’m rewatching it and find it interesting to see the character progression.

It is anything like Two and a Half Man Men?

I was gonna hit the Report button and ask a Mod to fix the title, but then we’d miss all these good jokes. :stuck_out_tongue:

January Jones was in The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada (just watched it yesterday). I looked for similarities in the two characters. The wife in Burials was quicker to make a decision about her marriage – she was like the S2 Betty. But they both smoke a cigarette the same – like none of the icky stuff is getting into their bodies. I think it’s because Jones has such a pristine look, like nothing foul would dare affect her.

I’d like to see Jones smile big sometime, or let go with a big ol’ belly laugh. How are you going to get character lines if your facial muscles never move?

I saw a picture of her and ‘Joan’ and ‘Peggy’ in a magazine, wearing current style dresses, hairstyles, and makeup. Amazing the difference between now and then. The ladies look 10 years younger in modern dress.

salinqmind, I haven’t seen any photos but I saw them at the wrap party after S1 and you’re right, the difference was amazing – especially Joan.

I can’t find the photo now, but somewhere (maybe on the DVD’s) there’s a photo of the women of Deadwood out of costume. Molly Parker (Alma) in blue jeans!

That is in the current issue of Entertainment Weekly. January Jones in real life looks nothing like Betty Draper.

Anybody have a link to the pic? My google-fu is weak today…

It was in the Nov. 14 issue, but apparently they don’t have it online.

I did find this otherwise terrible photo of the three woman whose only virtue is that it shows January Jones looking nothing at all like Betty Draper.

The EW one is much better if anybody can find it.