Rhapsody, Spotify or ?

We’ve had—and loved—our Rhapsody subscription for a few years now. For $15 per month we get computer access from anywhere (our parlour, den, kitchen, basement, office and bedroom have discreet, computerized listening stations) and three portable devices to stream on-demand, ad-free unlimited music. We still use Pandora from time to time (still no way to thumbs up/down Rhapsody radio tunes), but won’t give up our subscription. Given the enormous quantity of music we listen to, any thought of purchasing MP3s is profoundly absurd (i.e. no iTunes. And come to think of it, no iTunes even if they have a subscription service).

Rhapsody-fawning aside, we’re open to change. Has anyone switched? Who are their competitors? How is Spotify’s catalogue compared to Rhapsody? Rhapsody is constantly adding things (e.g. they finally added Zappa a few months back), is Spotify comparable? What about creating custom playlists or Pandora-like ‘radio’? Can we download songs to our phone and listen offline? Is their player web-only? We use Rhapsody’s player to also manage our 400GB+ preexisting library. Same with Spotify?

Any other suggestions?