do they still make rheingold ?

Brünnhilde had it, but she left it for the Rheinmaidens to reclaim. So no.

Actually I assume you mean something else - perhaps the beer. Perhaps be a little more explicit in the question?

Froim Wikipedia (the first resort of the lazt):

This one is from 2010:

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After four operas and fourteen hours, the gold is back where it started, in the river. In it. With the Rheinmaidens. Which means that the whole thing could start up all over again!

My beer is Rheingold the dry beer
Think of Rheingold whenever you buy beer
It’s not bitter, not sweet, it’s the extra dry treat
Won’t you try extra dry Rheingold beer?

I grew up with it. It was my parent’s and grandparent’s favorite beer. After 50 years I still can sing the jingle.

Now I’ll have that classic ad jingle running through my head:

My beer is Rheingold, the dry beer.
Ask for Rheingold whenever you buy beer
Rheingold’s taste ain’t effete
Smells like old stinky feet
Pabst and Schlitz can’t compete
With my beer!

I see it and Ballantine in my local beer store occasionally.

Growing up, Rheingold sponsored Mets games and Ballantine sponsored Yankee games so I thought they were the two largest beer companies in the world.

Stinky Feet Law: the probability that any mention of Rheingold on the Internet will have the parody jingle posted in the thread/comments doesn’t just approach but is 1. :slight_smile:

I love Anna Russell, but really, she’s wrong here. Alberich’s fate is ambiguous, but other than him there’s really no one left to squabble over the thing.

To put it another way, here’s my Ring synopsis:

See, there’s this ring. Then everybody dies.

And what’s great is, you can use this to summarize Lord of the Rings, too.

Except some of them don’t die, they just go to the Grey Havens (which comes to the same thing, for most practical purposes).

I’m from Chicago, so I only knew Rheingold via baseball broadcasts from New York. Shea Stadium used to have a Rheingold sign: “The ten-minute head: Haven’t you timed it yet?”

As a kid I thought this was totally cool. I couldn’t wait to grow up and time my beer heads, to prove that I was a discriminating beer connoisseur.

Then I grew up and saw that nobody did this. You get a beer and you drink it. Otherwise it gets warm. And so, another one of my childhood illusions died.