Rhode Island barber retires after 68 years.

Here’s a man who found a job that he liked and stuck with it. This guy was giving haircuts to people since the end of WWII. :eek: He’s seen so much history and talked with so many people. What a life he’s lead.

Well done sir.

that’s nice

lazy millennials could really learn a lot about life by looking to this man as an example

I’m surprised that people were OK with paying ten bucks for a haircut 68 years ago.

I’m surprised you can get a haircut for $10 now. And also surprised that RI made the news in a non-embarrassing way.

I can’t recall what haircuts cost me in the 1970’s. I think $5 or $6 maybe. I’m paying $15 now.

here’s the original article. I get the impression the barber shop will be closing. I guess he wasn’t able to sell the business to another barber.

My current barber has been open for about 2 years. He thought about buying an existing shop that the owner was retiring from but he wanted something a little different. That other barber retired and now works for my guy two days a week. From similar stories I get the impression an old barbershop doesn’t make for a great business sale around here.

And think how much hair he’s held !

So where will the bookie in the back room go?:slight_smile:

I remember vividly when barber shops became style salons in the late 70’s. Suddenly every barber shop had a rack of hair products they sold. The barbers were using Blow dryers and razors to cut hair instead of barber shears. My barber shop even redecorated and tried to look more trendy.

This type of style required a razor cut and hair product.

I hope he writes a book. He has the material for one.



That is all.

Can you weave hair into pages that hold ink? Did he save up enough hair for a whole book?