Back in the days of yore, when I was but a lad… I was a Rocky Horror Picture Show fan… in the original sense of the word, meaning fanatic. Almost every Friday night I’d be there… I even dressed for the floor show (as Eddie).

So far as I’m aware, it isn’t even shown around here (Northern Virginia) anymore… theater owners got tired of cleaning up toast and cards, I guess. But it would be fun, just once, to relive my teen memories and see the show with an audience that knew the lines.

Of course, for all I know, the audience lines I knew have mutated beyond recognition in the past twenty years.

So - question: is RHPS still a phenomenon anywhere?

  • Rick

Cessandra and crew are quite active with it here in Houston. I went to see them about 3 or 4 months ago; it was somewhat of a flashback as I hadn’t been to the show since about 1976. But yes, they are still there.

Well it sort of still is here in Des Moines, Iowa. I had heard from other people that viewed RHPS in another state (Denver, CO, I think) that they did not allow people to yell lines or perform the scenes, just to sit in their seats… WTF? Thats not why you go to this movie. Here they play it every Friday and Saturday night at midnight at Billy Joes Pitcher Show. (yes it pitcher not picture) You can order food and beer and smoke in this theater!! I believe its the only one in town that lets you do so. You are allowed to be as loud as you like and they also let people play the parts, unfortunately nowadays the people that go do not play parts, they really do not even say the lines… its a new generation there, and it seems to be made up of mostly teens just hanging out and being social on the weekend. When I used to go back around 91-96 I went almost faithfully every night it played, everyone knew each other and they all participated with lines and cast… many a night did 2 or 3 people “share” a particular part, it was that busy. Then the crowd sort of died off, people moved or started going to bars, got married or whatever… then it picked up but the spirit just is not there anymore with the new crowd. I still go now and then, just to remember how great it was for me. As a matter of fact, that is where I met my wife, as did several others at the time.

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I used to go see it when I lived on the east side, back in 88-89. I saw it 60 times, walking the 5 blocks at 11 p.m. in 20 degree weather. I dont live there anymore, and wouldn’t go out that late ,what with my son being 6 and all. But it Was fun.

Don’t know of it playing around here (DC) but have not looked for it.

RHPS where you have to sit quietly? Ugh. I’d blame that partly on persnickety theater owners, mostly on the release of Rocky on video. Used to be when you saw it, the screen / audience were one event, inseparable. On video, people who have heard of it but had never been to a show assumed the movie was the main attraction…. The quiet theaters are a result of that. No wishing for lips, no saying goodbye to lips. sigh Miss them days.

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I remember going to see the show in Pittsburgh once, and my amusement at some of the lines that were different from ours. Amazingly, no one it Pittsburgh (at the time) knew one of DC’s classic lines… so it was quiet and I was the only guy in the theater who shouted out, “Describe your balls!” and got the answer from the movie, “Heavy… and pendulous.”

Ah, those were the days.

  • Rick

Still play it here, at the university, last time I checked. People still bring toast, rice, newspaper and other fun items, dress up and write big V’s on your forehead if you admit to having not been there before. Doesn’t help you though, unless you are planning to hop a plane to Winnipeg.

Raleigh, NC here. Still shown every Friday at midnight AFAIK.

Yer pal,

I haven’t seen it in several years, wouldn’t mind checking it out again sometime; where does it play in Raleigh, Satan?

I think this year is the 25th anniversary, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it has a mild resurgence this summer, or come Halloween.

Satan is right, Friday nights at midnight at the Rialto:

1620 Glenwood Avenue
Raleigh, NC
Telephone: (919) 856-0111

They used to put it on every weekend during the summers in my hometown (in Northern California) when I was in high school. I don’t know if they’re still doing it, but that was only a couple years ago. A couple friends and I had plans to see it in Tel Aviv, but they fell through; RHPS is world-wide!


Where in Northern California, Kyla?

The movie has left my neighborhood (in Orange County) approx. 10 years ago, but according to the LA Times it is still a regular feature at midnight in three cities in the greater LA area.

According to my list of theatres in the country still playing RHPS:

  1. The Lurio- Blacksburg, VA
    (540) 951-0604
  2. Grace St Cinema- Richmond, VA
    (no phone listed)
  3. Naro- Norfolk, VA
    (804) 625-6275
  4. Williamsburg- Williamsburg, VA
    (757) 229-1475

I’ve seen the Midnight Movie over 300 times, and was on a cast for 2 1/2 yrs in Austin, TX. I’ve only seen it in 2 states, but at a total of 9 theatres, 4 of which I’ve played in.

As for the list, I do know that RHPS is definitely not playing at the Lurio in Blacksburg (I’m originally from a nearby city). There is no Lurio, but there is a Lyric, which is probably what they meant. I’m pretty sure they don’t show it regularly, though. Maybe once a year for Halloween.

Being a Virginia Tech alumnus, I remember that they used to play it at the Lyric – but again, that was mumblemumble years ago.

Norfolk, Williamsburg, and Richmond are all a fair distance away, alas.

Ah, well. Maybe some memories are best left as memories. All I need is to go in and hear, “Hey - what’s that old guy doing here?”

  • Rick

They got themselves run out of the U.C. Theater in Berkeley, CA last year. Too bad, in my opinion. I got a kick outta seeing those kids all dressed up every Saturday night at midnight, having fun. Managment claimed that they didn’t want the new screen all messed up. Oh,well. Never been to a show myself.