Rhyming food combos, in English and non-English

Oats ‘n’ groats ‘n’ floats (for stoats on boats?)

Great user name/post combo.

Would you like some sugar on your booger? (I certainly don’t eat them, but some kids do!)

Chips and dips.
Bologna and spumoni.
Berries and cherries.

Maybe for some on the East Coast, sort of, but for most Americans, no.

Turkey Jerky, Sloppy Joe, some Vietnamese Pho and a loaf of Sourdough.

We used to call them beanie weenies.

shoo fly pie

Back when I was a kid and my family went to the beach in Delaware, we always used to drive through a town advertising the “Apple Scrapple Festival.” They didn’t say whether the apples and scrapple were to be consumed separately or together, though.

Mustard and custard.

Lamb, ham, clam, and jam.

Wot? No SPAM?

Spam’s off.
Tuna and bhoona

toffee and coffee

Fried in a dram of PAMTM?

Bacon, steak ‘n’ a shake.

Tori and nori. (Chicken and seaweed)

You could serve that tori and nori with a sauce made from miso and shiso. (fermented soy bean paste and perilla) And a soup of yuzu and kuzu. (Although such a soup would probably be called something like yuzu-no-kuzuan)

Myself, I’ll have a bowl of mice’n’rice.

ETA: You could also have buri and kuri! (Yellowfin with chestnuts)

Or some ushi sushi! (cow sushi)

Or that down-home favorite: same and mame! (shark ‘n’ beans!)

Turkey jerkey.

Oranges and… no wait, that’s not going to work