Rhyming food combos, in English and non-English

The English could whip up a dish of potatoes & tomatoes.

Similarly, the French could make boeuf & oeuf

What others?

There’s (IIRC this rhymes) risi e bisi, rice and peas, a classic dish from Italy.

Car Talk does one at the end of each podcast. The last one had vindaloo, chicken cordon blue, and cheese fondue.

Ah now, only debatably. :smiley:

How about Hopple Popple (I have trouble believing that that is the correct spelling but what do I know?)

I was actually looking for rhyming food names, not the names of the end dishes. Risi e bisi is a good example.

But combos are interesing too. My next party I’m serving vindaloo and fondue.

Does it have to be stuff that is, you know, edible? Or what if we eat cheese and fleas, faggots and maggots, pies and flies?

(I do NOT know what came over me there, as I usually hate even the mention of insecty things.:dubious: )

Oh, back to normal. We could feasibly have pancakes and branflakes.

Piglets and twiglets?
And IF we ate dogs we could eat nuts and mutts?

Lamb, ham, jam and spam.

Anyone for cheesy peas?

The Indian dish mattar paneer is peas and cheese (in a tomato-based sauce) and is yum yum yum yum yum.

I often eat beans & greens. How about radishes and cabbages?

You say ‘potatoes’, but I say ‘potatoes’.

Marmite and Coke Light? :eek:

Chicken Tikka Massalla and Lager (cooked on an Aga)

Toadstool and Offal? :smack:

Waffle and Offal, surely :dubious:

That sounds awful.

surf n’ turf
beanies n’ weenies
near beer
Are brand names OK?

Snack Pak
Lean Cuisine
Double Bubble (not sure if gum counts as food)

Beets and meats.
Quince and mince.
Pies and fries.
Mash and succotash.
Green beans and aubergines.

Hmm, there aren’t really all that many, are there?

For Americans, Cheddar and Feta.
Brie and ghee with peas and cheese.
Camombert and a pear.
Chips and dips, of course.

How about my wife’s favorite spaghetti: Aglio e olio?

Apple scrapple. Might work.
Beer paneer. No.
Hamburger with Limburger. Sure!
Steak cake. With gravy icing, I guess.

Fish with radish relish garnish. And a knish!

Poutine and green beans!