Describe some awful foods combos

I’m reading the book Good Calories, Bad Calories and the author mentions lumberjacks (in Scandinavia?) eating a block of cheese with either lard or butter (forget which) spread on top and washed down with ale.

Now, that sounds horrific on so many levels. I couldn’t imagine sucking down an ale, then heading off to the woods with my axe, and no way in hell am I eating buttered cheese.

One gross combo that stands out is my Dad snacking on buttered Saltines. That just sounds so awful.

This isn’t really a food, but I remember some PBS show that showed the women of some South American tribe making an alcoholic beverage by chewing the ingredients, then spitting that into a container and allowing it to ferment for a while. The smell must have been horrible.

So what have you got?

Buttered saltines are great comfort food. Buttered cheese just seems…redundant.

Personally, I don’t get the love for chocolate paired with any type of fruit except maybe raisins.

I’m with you there.

Salt and sugar on the same item.

One of my favorite combos. Chocolate-covered pretzels…mmmm!


Melted cheese on Chinese food.

Melted cheddar or American cheese on apple pie. Sounds absolutely repulsive.

Good God, I imagine it to be like drinking someone’s diarrhea.

For the love of og, why do people see the need to but chocolate and fruit together - it ruins both of them!

Salted watermelon is one I have heard of but not tried.

Deep fried butter (queue gag reflex).

Now I goota go get some honey roasted peanuts…

Clamato mixed with beer. It is the worst thing I’ve ever consumed.

My mom does the butter-and-soda-crackers thing. My sister gets grossed out by it.

My dad puts Cheez Whiz on everything. I got really disgusted one time at supper when he put Cheez Whiz on rice, so at least he doesn’t do that anymore.

Haha. Cheez whiz on rice?

I knew a guy who ate chili over chocolate cake. And another who ate tuna fish with peanut butter.
Both sound terrible to me.

Onions + food = worst combination ever.

I was once offered a bite of a peanut butter and mayonnaise on Wonder bread sandwich. I tore a little piece off and tried it. It was exactly as gross as I thought it would be. I told my co-worker, “yep, that’s some kind of sandwich!” And I left the room as quickly as I could without looking like I was trying to escape.

I saw a commercial version of that once at a quicky mart. I said that sounds so damn nasty I gotta try it. I actually liked it.

I think any of this OMG that sounds nasty stuff should not be judged too harshly until you actually DO try it.

And well if you like it you like, if you don’t you don’t. But you gotta try.

My personal odd combo is mustard on raw carrots.

I’m out of luck. I don’t like onions, and they’re in so many dishes. I hate it when I order a pepperoni pizza, and it ends up having onions on it as well (sometimes as part of the sauce.)

Circus peanuts and children’s cough syrup.