Disgusting Food Combinations (that people actually eat)

At a recent family gathering, I was tasked with picking up food from the local chili dog place. My uncle-in-law asked for a foot long with chili, onions … and mayonaise.

Now, I know some people like mayo on hot dogs. Not really my thing, but I can understand why some people like it. But mayo and chili? Together?! Ew!

What are the most disgusting food combinations that you know of that you’ve actually seen people eat (because they like it. Not, like, on a dare or something).

I used to eat peanutbutter and mayo as a kid. No idea where that came from, but it was only when I was in single-digits. in my teens I found the joy that is PB & Honey.

Well… I just got back from New Orleans where I tried a Peanut Butter Burger (w/ Bacon) at Yo Mama’s. It sounded so strange but I had to try it. Glad I did because it was really really good. I might have to make them that way myself.

Whenever I go to Subway I get a meatball sub with extra provolone and LOTS (seriously, a lot) of mayo.

When I go to KFC sometimes I mix my coleslaw and mashed potatoes.

My SIL the corn freak makes vanilla ice cream with brown sugar and adds a can of creamed corn. I’ve had it and it’s not bad. Like washing down carmel corn with a vanilla shake.

I like Irish oatmeal with milk, peanut butter, banana or apple, and maple syrup. This is apparently revolting, according to the rest of the Attackclan.

I have seen somebody actually drink a mixture of Coke and milk, which just seems like the ne plus ultra of grossness.

When I was a kid, I used to like Campbell’s Vegetable Beef soup with a little milk stirred into it. Is that disgusting? I still eat that soup sometimes but I’d never dream of putting milk in it now, although I guess I don’t find the idea actively disgusting.

I don’t think it’s that weird or disgusting. Solyanka is a popular soup in Eastern Europe and is often served with sour cream. Not the same as straight milk, but still…

I had a German housemate who once cooked supper for me and my friends. The main dish consisted of pork medallions, whipping (whipped?) cream, bananas, and ketchup. He called it “banana-pan”.

It struck me as unusual at the time. :slight_smile:

… how was it?

Onions + other foodstuffs = disgusting.

Same with mustard + other foodstuffs.

It actually tastes a lot like a float, though I’m more familiar with putting milk into root beer (known by some as a “black cow,” which can also mean a vanilla ice cream and root beer float to others; common enough that there was a Dad’s Root Beer Milk product in local dairy cases in the mid/late 1980s).

My mom mixes pancake syrup (not maple, fake maple) and peanut butter, and dunks chunks of torn-up white bread into it. She calls it “fondue.”

I was glad I got over my wariness and tried chili powder, salt, and lime juice on fruit (especially watermelon). Popular enough to have pre-made powdered fruit seasoning in shakers, but really bizarre-sounding to my Midwestern ears when I first heard about it. Good stuff.

The culinary broadmindedness and adaptability of posters here is somewhat sabotaging the OP’s stated goal of identifying truly revolting foodstuff combinations. :slight_smile: It’s interesting to hear about the combinations you used to think were kind of weird till you got used to them, but I came in here to read about candidates for the category of irredeemably gross. (I think hogarth’s example of “banana-pan” definitely qualifies.)

I think Covered_In_Bees! might be erring a bit too far in the other direction, though. :wink: Defining anything as a “disgusting food combination” if it happens to contain a particular ingredient that you personally happen to loathe seems a little too sweeping.

I like to put chili con carne on my cinnamon rolls. That’s about as revolting as I can offer.

No! Onions and mustard infect and corrupt everything they touch. They must be handled with great prejudice.

Deep Fired Mars Bar anyone?

Re: cola + milk – doesn’t anyone remember Laverene De Fazio’s favorite drink?

My sister dips barbeque flavored potato chips into a mixture of salsa and hummus. GNARLY! It is one of her go-to favorite snacks.

Some of these actually sound pretty good. I for one plan on trying bacon and peanut butter at the next possible opportunity.

Dated a girl once who put ketchup on everything. I’m not one of those staunch anti-ketchup people at all; I like ketchup on a lot of things many people consider uncouth (pork chops for example), but this girl dipped absolutely **everything **in ketchup. Pizza, pickles, eggs, cauliflower, corn on the cob, apple slices, even saw her mix it in a cup of blueberry yogurt once.