Disgusting Food Combinations

Why am I posting this???
Oh, right. The booze.

What is the most potent -but still plausible- combination of food items that is too repulsive as to not even qualify as a Fear Factor challenge?

We’re not talking insect secretions and the like.

Nor mixing foods that would never go together in the first place, such as…I don’t know… strawberries and sauerkraut.

Well, here is my submission, which is a slight variation of what I heard that someone actually consumed:

Spam slices, topped with spray-on cheese.

On Wonder Bread with Miracle Whip in between.
If you can top this one…

Well, I don’t know what happens but it can’t be good.

Ok. Let me think long and hard about this.

Meanwhile, I can tell you about some (apparently) edible food.

My roommate always orders egg drop soup from the chinese takeout, then puts soy sauce in it.

Then hot sauce.

Then duck sauce.

Then hot oil.

Then mustard.

And then … he eats it.

I’ll put A1 steak sauce on anything at all. I add it to noodle soup and put a splash on salads, eggs, ham sandwiches, mix a little with the tomato sauce on spaghetti with meatballs. All great! And recommended in their recipe booklet by the way.
But still, without trying, people tell me it’s disgusting.

I was at a sandwich shop with some friends in Oxford, England a few years ago, intently studying the menu for something my 'murrken palate would like. I spied “hummus and brie baguette”, and thought to myself, “Who on earth would eat a hummus and brie sandwich?”

Just then, my friend’s sister stepped up to the register and said, “I’ll have the hummus and brie.”


I love french fries dipped in chocolate milkshakes. Haven’t had that in awhile though.

Now I am hungry.

My ex used to be fond of a big bowl of kimchee, washed down with a biiiiiiig glass of milk. And he wondered why a) he had frequents gastric troubles, and I would refuse to stay over at his place after he ingested said combination; and b) Korea is not the land of abundant dairy products.

Sometimes food combinations are traditional for a reason, and the same goes in reverse.

You know, if you add a fried egg and catsup to that combo I would eat it. With a dark beer to wash it down.

What I find repulsive is canned okra on noodles, slathered with catsup. My sister eats this. Yuck.

I am very fond of popcorn dipped in Pepsi. But only at the movies. I can’t stand popcorn any other time. Oh yeah, and I have to have a side order of a Nestles’ Crunch bar to top it off.

The egg drop soup combo above sounded pretty good to me. I love all that stuff. But I gotta have the crunchies to go in it as well. Throw in some tobasco and I’d be in heaven.

My friend and her cousins all like pepperoni and peanut butter on crackers. I just don’t get that one.

I also don’t get why people put mayo on french fries.

Personally, and I know some people find it strange, I love dipping bites of a tuna sandwich or a tuna melt into ketchup. It’s soooo good!

My mom when she was younger knew a boy who’d bring lard sandwiches to school for lunch.

Chocolate and pop-corn is the best. Now I am really hungry (only an hour and 15 minutes until I go home)

Had an uncle, who used to eat Corn Flakes in the morning, just like probably millions of others. You know, a bowl, the cereal, milk, and a bit o’ sugar.

But then the sick bastard would add catsup to it.

I stopped eating breakfast whenever he came over to visit.

I used to have a friend who ate jam and cheese sandwiches. Bleah.

I used to have a friend who ate jam and cheese sandwiches. Bleah.

Anything with mayo is vile.

I have to admit that this does not sound strange at all to me but I wondered how some of you might percieve this one.

I like to spread a thin layer of sour cream in place of butter on my waffles. Topped with warm maple syrup. Sounds gross I know, but the sour cream counteracts the sweetness of the syrup perfectly. In fact once blended with the syrup, it does not even taste like sour cream.

Try it! You may be pleasantly surprised. If this is simply too bold for your palate, try some chunky peanut butter in place of, or in addition to the sour cream.

I also once had a roomate from South Africa who was obsessed with mayonaise. Apparently mayo was something he had never encountered before coming to America. He spread copious amounts of the stuff on every single thing he ate. Pancakes, steaks, cookies, tacos, salads, eggs, fruit, and even the occaisonal PB&J. He used it as chip dip, mixed it into soups and cereal, and at times even ate it straight from the jar. The strangest thing I saw was one time when he was trying to combat a hangover. Small bowl of mayo, add 10 or 12 aspirin for flavor, Mmmmmmmm…crunchy mayo med supreme. I wont even get in to his love of aspirin.

I wonder if he is still alive.

I love canned spaghetti on peanut butter toast. I don’t know why I tried it in the first place, but I love the stuff.

Everyone in my family of origin put Kraft mayonnaise on corn on the cob. I did know until I was grown that other people like butter. I got my husband to try it and he likes it too.

I think we put mayo on jello when I was a kid, but the thought makes me a little dizzy now.

And I NEVER had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without mayonnaise. Again, I just didn’t know that other folks didn’t do that.

I had fried eel once. It was good. Next time I’ll try the mayo on that!

The worst thing I’ve eaten was scrambled eggs with pork brains. The brains part actually looked like exactly what it was. To a child of ten that was sheer torture.

One of our neighbors ate grilled ham, peanut butter and lemonade mix sandwiches. 'Course, Lizzie also liked nothing better than cottage cheese after it had ripened in her tree house for a couple of days, too.

Welcome aboard(s), SkyBum.

I’ll be back later to correct your seriously misguided notions about sour cream and maple syrup.