Disgusting Food Combinations (that people actually eat)

Hot dogs with mustard, chili and slaw - got one by mistake once while in Winston-Salem. Someone (a native) went out to get lunch and took our orders. I asked for chili dog. How that resulted in what I got, I don’t know. Even if I liked cole slaw, that combination of stuff on a hot dog would have grossed me out.

For that matter, cole slaw. Shredded cabbage made soggy by milk and sweetened with sugar (at least, that’s as much as I remember of my Mom’s cole slaw). Ewwwww.

One thing I do that my family can’t stand is put ketchup on my french toast. In my defense, it’s unsweetened (no powdered sugar) french toast. Still, I know it’s very weird, but I love it anyway.

It was passable. In retrospect, the pork + ketchup + whipping cream is basically just pork medallions in a creamy tomato sauce. The banana was a little unusual, but the mild flavour didn’t really change the taste of anything else (which tasted like pork and/or ketchup).

My mother likes old fashioned flavors sometimes and will get a hankering for cheddar cheese and strawberry jam sandwich. She says growing up cheddar cheese went on a lot of things we wouldn’t dream of putting it on now: apple pie, cinnamon rolls, strawberry jam, etc. crazy stuff.

Of course, I did get my love of American cheese on banana bread from her. My husband thinks it’s revolting but he won’t try it. He’s so weird he won’t even eat butter on banana bread. It’s bread! of course it tastes good with butter.

I just logged in after years of absence to note that that’s what I had for lunch. In Winston-Salem. (and they were good!)

Carry on.

Well, don’t be a stranger! Report back what you have tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Only if someone else finds it disgusting, particularly in the setting of Winston-Salem. Otherwise, I’d just be wasting your time.

I’ve never understood the compulsion to put fruit in savory dishes. Just…no.

(And by “fruit” I of course mean sweet things like apples and raisins, and not, say, tomatoes.)

Also, Covered_in_Bees!, replace “onions” with “bell peppers” and you have my second answer. Bell peppers are vile.

Whoops, double post.

Chicken and waffle. Seriously, WTF?

Delicious! But I am a big fan of sweet+salty (+greasy doesn’t hurt!)

But would you eat an onion all by itself? No? So it’s not the combination that’s the problem, see?

Have you ever had chicken and waffles?

I used to do all the cooking for my father, and once after dinner I watched him spread sugar free blackberry jam on cheesy garlic bread. When I protested, he told me as a child he used to eat something called “coddled milk” - let it spoil and get lumpy and I think he said you sprinkle brown sugar on it. Ugh!

I had a friend in high school who adored peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches! :eek:

I occasionally enjoy a snack of sardines and a large navel orange.

I may have to try this recipe for Cincinnati-style chili.

In addition to the kidney beans (which I believe qualifies it as a five-way), the recipe calls for allspice, cinnamon, unsweetened chocolate and Worcestershire sauce, among other goodies. There may be spaghetti in there too, but it’s hard to tell what’s lurking under the mounds of shredded cheese.

My husband raves about peanut butter and tomato sandwiches. Ewww

Cheddar cheese ice cream, from my local Asian grocery store. Not as bad as it sounds, but I wouldn’t ever buy it again.

Not too strange to me, really. I mean, if you like ketchup on eggs, why not?

I had some friends who would eat chunks of Tillamook sharp cheddar cheese dipped in maple syrup barf. They acted like it was ambrosia but when I tried a sample it just tasted like heartburn and vomit to me.

How did she happen to discover this combination; was it two minutes to midnight and those three things were going to go bad if she didn’t eat them in a hurry?

I suppose that question can be applied to every post in this thread, but that one just struck me as particularly unlikely to happen by accident.

I could never get my head around the apple pie and sharp cheddar cheese thing. I am NOT an apple pie lover. Something about the texture the apples take on after baking kinda squicks me out a bit. But my wife’s aunt made a pie for us a couple of months ago, and I just so happened to have some sharp cheddar in the fridge at the time too, so I gave it a whirl.

Now, I can’t imagine having apple pie any other way, and I find myself CRAVING a slice pretty often. But if I or the restaurant I’m at doesn’t have the cheddar, I won’t order it.

I was reading along thinking about my teenager who abuses ketchup pretty fiercely, but apples and yogurt surpass even his worse transgressions.

The combination of white bread, lunch meat and ketchup smushed together and microwaved doesn’t qualify as “sandwich” in my head, but hey, as long as I don’t have to eat it, right?

I suppressed an inner wince when he dredged perfectly seasoned and fall-apart-tender roast beef in ketchup, but I cringed outright when he started dousing the mashed potatoes and gravy with the stuff and making an unholy mess on the plate.