Food combos that seem gross but aren't

Inspired by the peanuts in coke ( which i say should be called a " george washington cola" or “carver cola” or something along those lines) thread. I guess I mean more like food combos that you acknowledge some people may find unusual at first, but are great and maybe even common in your neck of the woods. Heck, they don’t even have to be great or common, basically just weird food combos someone you know likes.
For example, I have a friend who puts peanut butter in his ramen noodle broth and swears by it.
Also, when I first heard of salt on watermelon I was skeptical, but I tried it and actually like it.
Know any other food combos others may find unusual?

V8 juice and Mountain Dew. mix 1-1. Chug. A group of people I worked with used to drink this. I confess I never had the balls to try it; just the thought of drinking that made me queasy. But they all loved it.

I know several people who put Doritos and Pringles on ham or turkey sandwiches. I haven’t tried those either.

When I was a kid a friend of mine put ketchup on ice cream. Years later had a friend who put ketchup on Kraft mac & cheese. I actually took a bite of that. It was as revolting as it sounds.

I just realized you asked for combos that seem gross but aren’t. My above examples were combos that other people swore by. Still gross by my estimation.

Heh, forgot about that one. I got turned on to putting pringles on a pastrami with Swiss cheese sandwich, with the pastrami heated in a toaster oven.
And yeah, I know a few people who put ketchup on eggs. Tried it on scrambled eggs. Thought it was meh.
Word on the streets is that the Dutch put mayo on their freedom fries.

Thats unusual? It is common practice around here.
I think there was a thread about this.

Doritos,Bolagna and Mayo sandwhich! Not complete unless there is a hand print mashing the bread down!

I really dont think it is unusual,but I used to order an avocado and bacon burrito at a taco joint I frequented,the first time I ordered it ,the waiter looked at me like I was pissing on a Picasso.

I’ve always put salt on watermelon.

I regularly eat scrambled eggs mixed with tuna.

I put ketchup on scrambled eggs whenever I can. Hashbrowns, too.

I love ketchup on my Mac and Cheese. I chop up hot dogs and put them with the Mac and Cheese and pour ketchup on it. Yummy.

Peanut butter and pineapple ring sandwich.

French fries and white vinegar. I grew up with it, just south of the Ontario border, but was surprised that no one else had heard of it when I left college in Boston.

I seem to attract friends* who think that fruits like pineapple, peaches and pears together with cottage cheese are disgusting. I think it’s delish and always asked the cafeteria ladies in grade school if they would please put my pear half on the cottage cheese section of the tray.

*They also universally hate cottage cheese by itself which only goes to show you how broken my friends’ mouths are.

This post turned me on.

Dipping Wendy’s french fries into a Wendy’s Frostie.

Ketchup fried rice (it’s a Japanese dish).

Cheddar cheese ice cream (had it as a local street fair, it worked).

Peanut butter and kosher dill pickle slices on dark rye bread.

The pickle kind of plays off the creamieness of the peanut butter (always smooth, what do you think I am, a Philistine? :stuck_out_tongue: ) and the dark rye adds the perfect bass note.

Peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. Especially good on pumpernickel bread (the hard thin kind). Maybe just a riff on the pb and x theme.

Natto on toasted shokupan. I call it “nattoast.” I didn’t make it up, but of the hundred people I’ve told about it only two have given me a look of recognition and approval.

It’s all about the texture of the shokupan.

Mayo & fries. I love it. Don’t even tell me it’s gross!

Cottage cheese with pineapple or peaches is the best!!!:smiley:

I also like crunched up potato chips in a sandwich

Gravy on pizza.

The right gravy is very important.

Add banana and Tabasco to that and we’re good to go.