Rib Sandwich?

There’s a BBQ place in walking distance from my home and I’ve been there now twice. The first time I went, I got the pulled pork sandwich and it was tasty and good. So I got an order to-go and asked for the pulled chicken sandwich this time amongst some other things. When we got the food out, my sandwich was missing and replaced with a bbq rib sandwich which was a slice of ribs with the bones still in 'em between some bread. Unfortunately they were closed so I couldn’t go back, but does anyone ever have a bbq rib sandwich *with *bones still in it?

No. That’s… bizarre.

You probably ordered the Fred Flinstone Signature Rib Sandwich.

That might just be a straight-up order of ribs, Kansas City style. It is sometimes customary to serve BBQ with, or sandwiched between bread, Arthur Bryant style. The bread is just a garnish and something to sop up the BBQ sauce.

A rib sandwich is a cheap(er) way to get 2 or 3 ribs, and the bread serves as a napkin/side dish. It’s a poor man’s lunch, traditionally.

You waited until nearly closing to order your food. The line cook was being pissy.

You should freak the hell out of the owner by walking in and asking him who would cover your $90,000 dental bill from biting into a bone. Would be good for a couple of yuks.

That’s pretty standard at bbq shacks and stands, at least in N. Florida and S. Georgia. A “rib sandwich” is bone-in ribs between two slices of white bread. A mullet sandwich is pretty much half the fish (cut lengthwise and cleaned of guts), fried with the bones still in, between two slices of white bread. I’ve always heard that the white bread is basically just there to soak up the grease/sauce as a sort of edible napkin.

Seriously? I’ve never heard of a “sandwich” where parts are inedible. Sounds like a recipe for a lawsuit to me.

You have now. What pisses me off is when I order a submarine sandwich and don’t get a boat. Same with a grinder for that matter. I’d like to grind my own meat but all they give me is a sandwich. No bullets in an oyster shooter or quinine when I order tonic in New England and god knows what you get when you order a coke in Texas.

Oh, they do exist. Chicago’s got its signature Maxwell Street pork chop sandwiches, which come bone-in.

There’s a picture along the right side of this page which shows the bone-in barbecue rib sandwich.

If you take a look at Arthur Bryant’s Menu, which is sort of the Gold standard or at least a classic marker of the traditional you will see that everything is a sandwich. Unless you wanna buy a rib slab or meat by the pound, and even then, I think they throw in some wonderbread.

Up… no… guess you gotta buy the wonderbread… it’s a menu item. half loaf or full loaf.

Sometimes a sandwich is something ON bread, not necessarily between it, although that always seemed wrong to me.

BBQ shacks have their own lingo in which a sandwich is a small order that comes with bread. The meat doesn’t even have to be between slices of bread - a BBQ sandwich often has the bread on the side.

Yes, let’s ensure that stupidity is allowed to the be benchmark for all things. That’ll make for a bang-up awesome place to live.

I don’t think it’s stupidity to expect a food to be what it claims to be. To most people, sandwich is a convenience food. It is supposed to be read to eat upon serving. You’ve used the bread to cover up the fact that it contains bones, and most people don’t take their sandwiches apart.

I know that, if I have to take the sandwich apart, take the meat off the bone, and then putting it back together–at that point, I’m just making the sandwich myself. I could have just ordered ribs and bread and made it myself, and that would likely have been faster and got me more food to boot.

In this case, I think a lawsuit would be a good thing. The risk of someone not knowing there are bones in their sandwich is high, and thus it is stupid to be ambiguous about it.

Still, the OP has no idea what the “sandwich” is called, as it sounds like he got the wrong order. So, as far as we know, the place just calls it ribs and includes bread to keep your hands from getting greasy. And it was obvious it had bones in it, so if you are stupid enough to get hurt by that, I agree that you don’t deserve anything.

A rib sandwich in St. Louis is as described on the OP. Usually three ribs as opposed to a rib plate with might be five ribs.

When I first moved here 44 years ago we had a vendor that would come to our office and sell sandwiches and such at lunch. I was surprised to find that a pork chop sandwich had a bone in it. I’ve learned a lot in 44 years.:smiley: