Rice for Peace

A friend of mine shared this with me. If you feel pertinent, act upon it and share it with others share it with others…:slight_smile:

In the 1950’s, tens of thousands of people sent small bags of grain to President Eisenhower to encourage him to send food to then-enemy China during a famine. The existence of the campaign helped dissuade Eisenhower from attacking China during two international confrontations. Now a nationwide effort has been launched to send a similar message to President Bush about Iraq: If we are going to send something to Iraq it should be food, not bombs.

Send a half cup of uncooked rice in a plastic bag and padded envelope with the message “Rice for Peace - No War On Iraq”

Mail to:
President George Bush
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW
Washington DC 20500

A package with a half cup of rice and a very light envelope (see below) is just over 4 ounces. The postage for this is $1.29 (for up to 5 ounces). Additional ounces are 23 cents.

A package with only one-third cup of rice in this light envelope can be less than 3 ounces. Postage: 83 cents.

This light small bubble-pack padded envelope is 4"x7" inside. A paper-pulp padded envelope would require more postage.

Of course, it’s best to RE-USE an old padded envelope or small box. Please be sure it’s durable, labelled clearly and has sufficient postage.

Visit http://www.riceforpeace.org/

A noble concept, but terribly flawed. Those packages won’t be getting anywhere near the White House. Remember the Anthrax letters? The people who handle the govt.'s mail sure do.

I know… but anything is worth while. If nothing else, it will raise some more awareness and we can’t have too much of that. It will annoy the gov. a little too, which could be a nice touch.


Is there an actual food shortage in Iraq? I applaud the intentions but it sounds like a bit of a mixed metaphor (?).

North Koera, on the other hand, could really use some food.

ah well!

From what I can gather from reports there is, yes and there is a huge problem (which looks set to worsen with the threatened war) with malnourishment in children. The current rate is about 5% which could potentially increase to 30% if there is a war. That too depends on the duration of the war.

You can donate food by clicking on a button at The Hunger Site:

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