Richard Ayoade's Travel Man--with Paul Rudd?

Ayoade is quirky and fun, but how did he get a certified A-Lister to drag his ass to Helsinki for a couple days of eating, kayaking, and sauna-ing?

His Jon Hamm episode was a lot of fun, too.

That sounds like an easy sell to me, to be perfectly honest. “Hey Paul how do you feel about getting paid to hang out with Richard Ayoade for a few days in Helsinki - eating, spot of kayaking, maybe a sauna?”

Well, it’s not like he’s a nobody. He’s fairly well known in Hollywood, and has buko indy cred.

I still think he would be great as Dr.Who… I will be checking this show out as I loved him in IT Crowd.

I Googled, and yes, there is a Burger King with a sauna in Helsinki.

To be honest, I didn’t know who Paul Rudd was. Richard Ayoade has been a constant comic presence for me for some time.

Only afterwards, when I thought I slightly recognised him did I google Rudd and realise he was in “Anchorman”.

Also check out Gadget Man, which he took over from Stephen Fry.

Where do I watch this?

I, too, had to look up Paul Rudd. He looks vaguely familiar. I couldn’t tell you what I know him from.

Richard Ayoade, on the other hand, I’d fly to Helsinki to hang out with any day.

lasagradafamiliatickets.comcan be a fabulous deal if you intend to do a lot of museum-hopping. (And we had no problem getting into the Sagrada Familia - we went Easter Sunday, even, right after we woke up. But we were staying literally across the street and could easily keep an eye on the lines.)

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I take it neither of you are fans of superhero movies, then.

Or Apatow movies

But he’s Phoebe’s boyfriend!

No, not in the least.


48 hours in Naples with Jack Dee, who accidentally smiled.