Famous People Who Look Like They Need A Bath

I saw Josh Groban on TV and though he has an exceptional voice, even dressed up in a suit, he always looks like he needs a bath.

Alec Baldwin is another guy, that to me, always looks like he needs a good washing

So what famous people do you think “always look like they need a bath.”


Easy answer: Robert Pattinson.

Russell Brand.

Rob Zombie.

For the longest time, Christina Aguilera. (NSFW)

I mean…she’s soaking wet in that picture, and she STILL looks filthy. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still hot and I would totally have done her even in her “X-Tina”/Dirty phase, but I would shower like right the fuck after.

She did eventually clean herself up, though, and looks even hotter (having a kid helped, too.)

Tim and Helena.

She actually doesn’t look so dirty in that one, but I’ve seen worse shots of her.

Agree with Robert Pattinson. Why is it that just looking at him makes me feel worse than an hour in a crowded subway car with a frotteur?

This one’s like shooting fish in a barrel: Shane McGowan.

Megan Fox always has this greased up sweaty look in her publicity shots, she cleans up well but apparently someone decided she looks better after working on a car for several ours in the middle of summer.

Apparently, he does it so the horde of hysterical fifteen-year old Twilight fangirls jumping him at every corner is, at least,* somewhat *diminished.

Amy Winehouse and Pete Dougherty (spelling uncertain). Amy Winehouse–people with a lot of tattoos tend to look grubby to me–like they need a good soaking to get that stuff off.

Although in Amy and Pete’s cases, they probably do need a good bath in real life, not just in perception.

Harry Dean Stanton.

Years ago, when working for a theater in Beverly Hills, Roseanne (and her then-husband, Tom Arnold) came to the theater to meet with the cast afterward. I told my mother Roseanne was there and the first words out of my mother’s mouth, “Was she clean?”
“Yes mom, and she had even combed her hair.”
Apparently mom figured Roseanne dressed like she did in her sitcom every day.

For me, Mickey Rourke seems like he could always use a good toweling down and some deodorant - although I have been fortunate and have never met him in person.

I have met Harry Dean Stanton and he always looks like he got dressed in the back seat of a 78 Oldsmobile after living in the car for a week. To give you an example, he decided his brown shoes didn’t look good on stage, so he got out a black magic marker and spent about an hour “painting” his brown shoes black with the marker. Let’s just say it didn’t look all that great when he finished.

My mom contends that Hugh Laurie “looks like a homeless guy in a suit,” and while I wouldn’t go that far, he does look like he could use being hosed off and properly shaved.

How about this?

Or this?

In re: the unwashedness of Robert Pattinson:

And I’ve read him quoted as saying that it’s a manifestation of his bipolar disorder that he forgets to treat (or chooses not to treat) when he isn’t working. He has focus and memory problems, apparently.

I’ve never thought Helena Bonham Carter looked dirty, per se, just in need of a good haircut that can be easily maintained rather than the pile-up rats’ nest look she rocks all the time. She’s really quite a stunning person up close. (Also very tiny.)

My addition to the list of greatly unwashed: Danny Trejo. Maybe it’s the craggy skin, I don’t know. He’s scary looking and smelly looking, to me.

Yeah, that is a good point. The hair is not a good look. I don’t know why so many stupid hipsters try to look like her. (Okay, I answered my own query!)

Vincent Gallo.

The hair is bad enough, but WTF is up with her gown? It looks like she’s wearing a petticoat made of her grandma’s old chenille bedspread.

Johnny Depp and Brad Pit often look pretty scruffy.

Kevin Federline

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

George Clinton

Ahmadinejad? For all his flaws, he doesn’t look greasy to me.

Matthew McConaughey apparently does like anything that “interferes with his natural smell” including deodorant.

Now, maybe his natural smell is cookies, but I don’t think so.